10 Gadgets that will Boost Your Productivity at Work

A recent Microsoft survey concluded that for many people, productivity is the key to happiness. In other words, doing what you enjoy doing and being productive at it is what gives us the most satisfaction in life.
With that in mind then, anything that can help boost our productivity can help increase our happiness. This makes the following 10 productivity enhancing gadgets so much more special and worth checking out. Lets see what they are.

1. Lumo Lift Posture Coach

The right posture can make all the difference. It increases your productivity, improves your mood and stops that lethargic feeling that you experience throughout the day.

The Lumo Lift Posture coach is designed to help improve your posture. It’s a tiny device that vibrates every time you slouch. This acts as a reminder to sit up straight whenever you start slacking. All you need to do is buy one, sync it to your smartphone and start the progress towards your ideal posture!

2. A Kneeling Chair

Sitting at a desk all day can make you sluggish and out of sorts. This can hinder your productivity in the long run, as you’ll have less energy and spend more time on relatively simple tasks.

A kneeling office chair has become one of the hottest trends in modern workplaces to help you stay healthy while you work. The “S” shape sitting position of a kneeling chair automatically opens up your hips, engages your core and keeps your back straight as you work. This is a huge improvement over the slouch position most of us tend to assume when we sit on a regular office chair. Look for a good kneeling chair with ample cushioning if you intend to sit on it for many hours on end.

3. Noise Canceling Headphones- Sony WH-1000XM2

When you’re trying to focus on your work, noise can be an unwanted distraction. Enter into the Sony WH noise cancelling headphones; it does a fabulous job of keeping you focused. The technology blocks out any sounds that can hinder your concentration.
The long battery life in the Sony WH means that you can milk it for an average of 30 wireless hours play. In the end, you can survive a whole work day without worrying about having to charge them.

4. Multiple Screen Laptop Gadget

Multitasking is incredibly difficult on one small screen. That’s probably why research by Fujitsu Siemens Computers has shown that multiple displays can increase employee’s productivity by 35.5%.
For people using a laptop (which is most of us), Slidenjoy offers an incredibly useful gadget that instantly turns your laptop into a multi-screen set up.
It comes with a variety of features that facilitate productivity. Two secondary screens slide out from the back of your laptop screen to create an immersive, large 3 panel display. This lets you hold a skype conference, edit a document and monitor your email all at once.

5. Exercise Desks

Medical research has shown that taking short breaks for light exercise while at work can dramatically improve your productivity and keep you in good health. Exercise desks have been specifically designed to help you manage this in the workplace.
One great exercise desk is the Fit Desk, which allow you to do some light, regular exercise throughout the day while working. You can opt for a sit-down bicycle desk, or a standing table top desk in accordance with your needs. This helps you focus and retain information better, which means that you’ll be far more efficient at your job.

6. Adjustable Office Chair- Steelcase 3D Think Chair

Undisrupted comfort is important in the workplace as it helps you to carry out tasks efficiently without aches and pains. When it comes to the best ergonomic chair, the Steelcase 3D Think Chair takes the prize in our opinion.
The Think Chair can sense your body’s needs by intelligently adjusting to changes in your posture and weight positioning with its smart materials and the LiveBack system. The back always conforms to your body no matter how you sit.
The one downside of the Think Chair is its price, at just under $1,000. For people on a budget, there are still excellent ergonomic chairs to be had even on the opposite end of the spectrum, at under $100.

7. Smart Pens and Smartpads

In 2008, Microsoft conducted a survey that saw an increasing reliance from people on to do lists. People had begun to use them to keep track of their work, reduce stress and record their aspirations.
With a smart pen or smartpad, you can easily transfer to-do lists and other doodles you put on paper onto your computer. The best part it, with the innovative software that comes along with them, handwritten notes are instantly digitized and searchable. This allows you to organize your lists and gives you access to them at all times.
Our favorite smart pen on the market now is the Livescribe Smart Pen.

8. Gesture Control Gadget- Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion controller is almost like magic, allowing you to control any laptop by waving your hands in front of the screen. You can perform virtually all the tasks usually done with your mouse, but with your hands instead.
For things like VR interaction and 3D modeling, the Leap Motion is a must have companion.

9. Meditation Coach- Muse

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that stress decreases your productivity. The problem is that it can be hard to discern when you are too stressed to work, or when it’s time to take a break. That’s why the MUSE meditation coach is such an awesome health and productivity gadget. It allows you to measure your breathing and understand when you are stressed out. If you are stressed, the MUSE coach will give you advice on how to relax your mind with customized meditation sessions.
By delivering relaxation with meditation with every use, most people should get immense benefit from the Muse.

10. Adjustable Desk Risers

We’ve all heard about the benefits of standing at work now, though the problem is, replacing your current desk with a fully adjustable desk is both cumbersome and expensive.
Behold the desk riser, such as ones from Veridesk. They are a great alternative because they are less expensive, and can simply be placed on your existing desk to instantly transform it into an adjustable height desk. It’s as easy as placing all your office necessities on the mount and adjusting the height to your needs. Standing boosts your blood circulation, which boosts your productivity and reduces fatigue.

In Conclusion

In the end, there are many cool gadgets that can boost your productivity. Compared to other gadgets that merely entertain or distract, productivity gadgets offer far more benefits and value for your money.

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