Android Antivirus Comparison: Complete Guide to Choose Best

Now you can take right decision about choosing a good security app through our android antivirus comparison. Because there are number of people who use antivirus to save their data from unauthorized access or for other purposes. They do not care what kind of software they are using. Now in following we are comparing antivirus software side by side.

1-Avast Antivirus & Security

Avast is one of best antivirus app. Avast is top in Google Play Store with 4.5 rating and 55+M users. It known for its really great features and functionality. One of the major component of it’s popularity is it gives upto all features that the other apps didn’t provide you for free. It scans your apps, file, memory card visited websites from virus and spyware. Let have look of it.



1-Scans all data even your SMS and remove virus(that slow down device speed)
2-Call and SMS Blocker.
3-Save you from Spyware and Malware when you browsing.
4-Block hacking tools.
5-App Locker (you can only lock two apps in free version).
6- Find your lost phone (by controlling your phone remotely).


1-Lock unlimited apps.
2-Dectects any kind of Ad.
3-Password protector (Automatically locks after 3 failed attempts).
4-Remotely take snap.
5-Remotely send SMS.
6-Remotely retrieve data.

2-CM Security

android antivirus comparison image 2

CM Security well know for its user friendly interface with no cost. Yeah! its available totally free to use with real time protection. It is one of the best free tool to clean your smartphone from virus. Let check out what you are going to have free. It is powerful tool with 16 years of success, 500,000,000 users and 4.7 rating on Google Play Store.


1-Fast Data Scanner (Scans apps, file, memory card and etc)
2-App Locker – Prevent others to check your stuff.
3-Fingerprint Applock – (only works for S6 edge plus, S6, S6 edge, Note 5 and htc A9)
4-Hide private text
5-Full Wi-Fi Security
6-Block pishing pages and malicious contents while browsing or downloading
7- Find my Phone feature
8- Call blocker (Block unwanted calls)
9-Works both on mobile and tablet

3-AVG AntiVirus FREE – Security Scan

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It is another great antivirus tool avialable free to download but come up with 30 days trial version. You have to purchase its pro version to unlock its full feature. Its free feaure only protects your mobile device from viruses spayware and malware. Let check what feature it have.



1-Mobile data scanner (protects from viruses, spyware and malware)
2-Save browsing (only for default browser)
3-Monitor device performance
4-Monitor battery performance
4-Phone finder
5-Resotre your device
6-Call and SMS blocker

Paid (2$ – 85$)/30 Days trial

1-Camera Trap – Emails you the person’s photo after 3 wrong password attempts
2-Device Locker – Locks device enter sim card other than yours
3- App locker
4-App Backup
5-Ad Blocker

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4-360 Security

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It is another free antivirus app with cleaner and smoother interface. It is a well known app with 200 million users. This app not only boost up your mobile’s performance but also clean your memory from junk files. It has quite different features as compared to other antiviruses. Let check out its features.


1-Data Scanner (scans user smartphone and remove virus, adware, malware and trojans)
2-Remove Junk file (remove useless files and app caches)
3-Memory Booster
4-Power Saver (Saves battery power and provide it when you need it the most)
5-Anti-theft (helpful in earsing personal data if the phone lost and also locate your phone)
6-Real time protection
7-Speed up Device (by shutting down unnecessary apps running in background)
8-App Locker

5-ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

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It is the top paid android antivirus app. It comes up with free and premium version – free version only scans your devcie and remove viruses – but its premium version contain all its features. If you want to gain access to all of its features then you have to purchse its premium version. It is one of the best antivirus app with avg 99.1% detection rate againt 3,978 malicious samples in real time during AV-Test. Let chek out its feautres.



1- Data Scanner and remove viruses, worms, and trojan horses.
2-Works only when you order
3-Real time Protection
4-Anti Theft Localization by SMS
5-Also supports tablet

Paid/30 day trial (29.95$)

1-Scheduled scanning
2-Scan when charger pluged-in
3-Automatic updates
4-Call and SMS blocking
5-Application Audit

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