Android Oreo (Go Edition) – Android OS for Smartphones with less RAM

Google developed a special version of Android OS for devices with less RAM of 512-1024 MB.

In the month of May, Google Android Go – a special version of the Android OS for the entry-level android devices . Now, this special version has a clear meaning and purpose and named as Android Oreo (Go Edition).

In this user friendly and lightweight version is really handful on Google own apps such as Google Map, Google Assistant and Gmail. The “Oreo Go” is small in size as compared to other Android versions, this mean it will not take much space of your phone.

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The “Oreo Go” version optimize the memory of the phone and ensure that the apps are working efficiently on android devices with less RAM (1GB or less). Your apps on the phone will use less space, memory and mobile data, this will make faster your phone and help you to quickly perform tasks.

The best thing is that all of apps will be available on this android addition. The users of Android Oreo (Go edition) will be able to install other apps from the Play Store.

Android Oreo (Go Edition) is an open source project, this means any manufacturer can use this edition. “Oreo Go” comes up with Google’s own apps and as mentioned above it works pretty good on these apps.

Google mentioned that the “Oreo Go” release with the Android 8.1. Devices based on the Go OS will begin to appear on the market in the coming months.

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