Want to Become Android App Developer: Don’t Know Where to Start?

First thing about becoming an android app developer is that we should know that android is an operating system. I’ll tell you that where to start developing android app. You need to learn some sort of programming languages to develop android app. Android is built in most popular language of this age JAVA. It is not very complicated language if you have little bit experience about other programming languages. First of all we should learn Java.

Where to Start to Become Android Developer

Now we talk about the steps you need to take to start to become an Android developer, First of all we shall install the softwares and tools with which we shall be able to start an Android project or any android app.
I am going to tell you every single step to make you able to start developing your first android app. Here we go….

We shall take it from very beginning.

Installing Java Development Kit

Simply we just go to google and just type Java Jdk. Which is Java Development kit.

android app developer


And then we’ll go to following page which is for downloading Java Jdk.

android app developer

Now we have to accept the license agreement and then we will see operating systems in the column “Product/File Description” and if our Operating system is Windows 64 then we’ll click beside it in column “Download”.

android app developer


This will be installed. It is not such complicated.

Installing Eclipse

Now We Shall install Eclipse. This is platform on which we’ll code Java to make android application.

Now we’ll install eclipse on our System.

Simply  again we’ll go to google and just type Eclipse Download.

android app developer


Just click on the underlined link. Then you will reach at the following page.

android app developer

There are three underlined sections Including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. These all are operating systems. Choose which using you are. If you are using Windows. There is no need to click on windows because by default Eclipse downloads are available for Windows users. And there is no problem if you click on Windows.

android app developer


Here Eclipse is available for windows because i am using windows. There is same process for other OS Users.

Choose 32 bit if you are using 32 bit Windows.

Choose 64 bit if you are using 64 bit Windows.

After Downloading Eclipse, we’ll run it and make a workspace.

android app developer


We made workspace here. You can browse it anywhere you wish. This is workspace where our android project will available when we stored it.

We have started Eclipse. It was so easy like suger.

Installing Android ADT Plugin

Now we have to install a eclipse plugin to eclipse which is named as ADT (Android development tool).

Again simply we’ll go to Google and search Android Adt.

android app developer


Now we click on underlined link. By clicking this we shall reach at this following page.

android app developer


Now simply we shall copy that link to download ADT plugin.

Now we shall go to Eclipse again.

android app developer


We shall click on Help from top menu bar. After this i shall click on “Install New Software…” as in picture you can see.

After click at that we shall reach at this following page.

android app developer


In that underlined area we have to simply paste that link of ADT plugin, we have copied in past.

After adding this, A new small page will be open like this.

android app developer


Name section of this small page will already empty. This is not complicated, we just type android adt in name section. And then click “OK”.

After clicking this a pending process will occur for few seconds.

android app developer



No more wait. after little time

android app developer


After this we’ll mark tick on “Developer Tools” and click on “next”.

After this following page will come.

android app developer


After this, these tools will be appeared. And then have to click “next”.

After this following page will appear.

android app developer


Now we shall accept the terms of license agreements and click “Finish”.

Then Installation will start.

android app developer

After this this software will be installed.

Installing Android SDK

Now we have to install Android SDK (Software Development Kit). This is full of all tools through which we’ll make android app.

Simply we go to google and type “Android sdk”

android app developer


And now click on specified link.

After clicking this. We’ll go to…

android app developer

This is page from android developer’s site. Which is biggest site for android development. All tools for developing are available there.

Now we come to our goal click on “Stand-Alon SDK Tools” button.

After clicking that following page will be appear.

android app developer



Now click on specified link in pic.

After click that now download page will come from where we download it.

android app developer


From this page you can download that tool package from your operating system’s section.

If you are using Windows, then download this from windows section.

If you are using Mac OS X, then download this from Mac OS X section.

If you are using Linux, then download this from Linux section.

After this you will reach at license agreement terms.

android app developer


After reading agreements we shall click on Download button.

Then installation process will be started.

android app developer

Click on “Next”.

android app developer

After installation of these tools for android app, Android sdk manager will be installed. In this, your desired tools can be installed means that you can also install latest OS(Android 6.0 Marshmallow) tools. These are so latest all mobile are not now using Marshmallow android OS.

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android app developer

Install your desired platforms. We are very nearly to start android app project.

Ok guys. These tools will be installed in few minutes.

Now we again come to Eclipse.

android app developer

In top menu bar, Click on “Window” and in its subitems Click on “preference”. Where we start it.

android app developer

In Sdk Location section we have to type sdk path on which Sdk tools are available.

After typing path there, you will see two types of options. one will be like “Google Api” and other one will be like “Android 2.0 api”.

You have to click on Android api.

And then Click on “Apply” in bottom.

And then click on “OK” in bottom.

Starting Android Project

Then now we are ready to start an Android developing project.

We come to Eclipse.

android app developer

Then we click on “File” and then click on “New”.

android app developer

Then We Click on “Other…”.

This will take us to another window like this.

android app developer

We have to click on “Android”.

android app developer

And then click on “Android application Project”. And then click on “Next”.

android app developer

In project name section, we shall write any desired name or you can type here the name of application which you want to develop.

android app developer

In Application name section, we shall write name of application.

Package name must be unique and different.

In Create Activity we’ll write (Application Name)Activity.

In Min SDK Version we’ll write “7”. Beacuse in “Build Traget” Table we selected Android 2.1 up….And besides it in Api column, Which letter is written that should be written in this section.

Here i tell you that why i select build target Android 2.1? Because todays more than 80% cell phone supports this. If i select Android 6.o that is in some phones, not in majority. We Shall make that app which will run in majority of phones not in some one’s.

So we’ve filled all sections. So by clicking “Next” or “Finish”, Our project will be ready. Now you have to start coding to make any app. You should have some coding knowledge to develop app.

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