10 Best Android Games of 2017 with trailers|Gameplay

Here i have best android games of 2017 to share with game lovers. you will miss these games in 2016 I have shared most unique idea story based Android games with which you can become addicted of these game.

Best Android Games of 2017

1-world of tanks blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is free war game. This game is developed by award-winning developers “wargaming”.
This organization hits more than 90 million players.

best android games image1
Gameplay is very nice garphically because visual representation is like a desktop (PC) game.
It is easy action game(Tank batlles) to play on android device and best for tablet.
There are many tank games which are not well like this.
This game is much liked by top sites about games.
In this action-packed game there are more than 100 bigger tanks. Graphics are full of charms.
All function of game are very friendly for touch screen.

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All vehicles are included from England, US, Germany and Russia.
Some tanks are Light, Medium, Heavy and some are Tank Destroyer.
You can chat and enjoy 10 joyful battle environment.
Like other amazing games you can invite your friends to play this game.
Environment is close to reality.
Much friendly to play for newbies.
English, German, Russian, Korean, French and more languages are supported in this games.

2-asphalt 8 airborne

Asphalt racing gave a high level to the android racing game. All graphics are action-packed.

Android games image
To play this a high driving experience is required. You can use your dream cars in this game which are more than 95.
Today mostly people like top level manufacturers like Bugatti Veyron, Lamborgini, Ferrari, Pagani And Audi.
Audio is newly recorded which is made very nice for players and asphalt lovers.
All stunts are very joyful. Racing tracks are at very exciting places like Nevada Desert, San Diego Harbor, Venice, Dubai and Iceland and many other ones.


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Visual representation is cool that is represent real time reflection. You will feel it close to reality.
You have nothing seen like this before. You can check this game all factors are close to reality. This is multiplayer action game.
On the leaderboard you can check the scores of your competitors around the world.


3-Where’s My Water 2

Here i am telling you best award winning puzzle game. In this adventurous game you will enjoy best adventure. Puzzle game lovers play it and become addicted.

android game image2
In this game main characters are Allie, swampy, Mystery duck and cranky. We have to help them by giving water to them. We have to just dig way for water to reach them.

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Here are 100+ unique levels with charm look.
If we shall dig fast, then we shall be rewarded.
You can share it on facebook.
Win duckies by playing well.
We’ll get special duckies on every achievement.


4-Bad Land

Bad land is game of the year award-winning adventurous game. In this game you have to fly and survive.

android games image2
It is most interesting and beautiful game. It is my most favorite game. Its story idea is so unique.
Once you have started to play this game. You will never want to stop this action-packed game.
In multiplayer mode, upto 4 players can play on same device very easily.
High quality audio and visual representation.

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Most intresting feature is that you can play it on Android tv.
It is difficult to describe about this game in words. Watch gameplay and you will definitely like it very much.
I personely recommend you this game to play.


5-Doodle Jump

Here we have best android mobile game doodle jump android game lovers.

android games image3
It is said by Macworld that it is a perfect micro-game. It is most addictive too.

In this android jumping game we have to just jump from one other manifesto. use jetpack to boost your flying and avoid black holes.
Their is perfect environment or background graphical location like Jungle, Space, Halloween, Snow, Frozen ice, Ninja, Underwater, Easter and Soccer and Pirates.

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You can see your and your friends’ achievements.
In this you can tilt your phone for playing like tilt left or right for moving and tap for shooting.
This is too my favorite game because of its insanely addictive.


6-Clash of clans

Clash of clans is best android strategic game.

Watch Gameplay

 7-Crossy road

This is most addictive android game. You will likes its every moment of playing this game.

android games image 5
In this game we to let the chicken cross the road.
Its amazing feature is that you can play it on android tv.
This game is liked by mostly top sites of game reviews.
There are more than 100 character in this game.
You have to let cross the roads, water places and rivers. You can dodge traffic.

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8-Cube jumps

android games image 6

Cube jumps is most interesting game in which we have to just forward a cube. In the way of our cube there are so many moving cubes in lines beside us.
We just have to jump on a moving cube and so on if we can’t then our cube will fall down so we’ll be lost.
Watch gameplay you will easily know about this game.

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9-Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

“Currently there is no other game on Android that could rival GOF2  in terms of complexity” (Chip.de)

android games image 7

Galaxy on fire 2 hd is multi award winning android space adventure game with 3D graphics.
In this space war game we are playing role of Maxwell. Alliens are attacking on galaxy and we have to save galaxy from their attacks.
By unlocking adventures, we can get lots of new missions.
It has became most popular due to its rich gameplay. You will surely like it after playing first time.
You can buy your own space ships and space station where you can store anything.
Due to its amazing graphics fans liked it and gave it five stars.

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By addition of unique features there are more than 100 space stations and planets.
There are hundreds of spaceships which are customizable.


10-Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger is best android fps game. In this game zombies attacked on earth. People are become victoms of strange virus.

Android game image 8


You have to save survived people.

Load your gun and save the world.


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