3 Best Android Music Player apps: You Should Use

Music always inspires you so we have android music player apps for you. From lot of apps we choosed some apps. From years people are listening music on players of their taste. People change their android music player apps when they found some extra and advantageous features in other one’s. So look these following apps.

n7player Android Music Player

n7palyer is worthy and suave player for Music followers. Its visual representation is so cool and 3D user-interface and advanced controlling features. And graphics are full of charm and lock screens are included and fabulously friendly to use.

Android music player image

It has a friendly user interface with very attractive navigation options. All details of a song like Artist and album etc. are organized very beautifully which will please you certainly. And song list is very impressive and you can select song for MY FAVOURIT which will show very nice on display.

All things are so easy to attempt. Making playlist and adding songs in it is so simple. It has beautiful way to add songs to your playlists. If once a track is added to the playlist then it cannot be deleted. It has also lock screen features like other one’s but it has two widgets which make it superior.

Android music player image1

“When you’ll use it then you’ll think about it that music player should be as it is.”

Even thought google play has a lot of likes of other players like Poweramp. But n7player has a prominent status in this platform. Everyone has rights to like the good things according to them. Everyone is independent in the case of liking something. Due to its awesome features it made good place in this overbusy markete. I specially recomend you to download it.

Download n7player Music Player


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Now we shall tell you what is special in it. As you music lovers know that a best music player should have good qaulity of sound and very friendly so that you can listen it for more time. personally i tell you it has plausible amazing sound quality.

You can easily use its menu and all controls as you can change the sound and place the your desired sound. This is beta version, not a big problem. So it can’t disappoint us. If you seem it has bugs then you should know that it is beta version and competitory music app with very organized graphics.

After looking this i found it very impressive so you should download this and then give your feedback about this.

Poweramp Android Music Player

Now we have choosed the best app for music lovers. We picked out Poweramp. It is not latest app but it is very fine and all astonishing features. It is not like other players that just play a song. Poweramp can play all formats of audio file. This is a corking thing which is theme customization supported. You can set themes on this to make it very charm looking as you wish. After updating this offers a great feature of controlling the screen lock.

android music player image3
It is very easy to use, as you can think, everyone can use this app easily. It offers quick access to the controls of music for the music followers. We can easily get approach to “Setting”,”playlist”,”equalizer” and”Album” etc.

android music player image4
You can easily make your own playlist in which you can include music in your desired sequence. It makes ease for you that what you want to listen now and what next.

Download Poweramp Music Player

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This app has great and friendly visual representations.
If you want to find a music, a song. So we shall scan it and find it easily. It have a rescane option to browse songs.

Equalizer+ Android Music Player

All other music players have equalizer in them. But as you see the name of this player you can easily understand its importance. You can expect that it has it should have a proper equalizer in it. So your expectations could be very true that It has a 5-band equalizer with other tools and visualizer for which there is a second screen.

Android music player image4
This music player is not only audio player. It is a type of media player too. It can play video on it through the visualizer.
If you want to rise up your music with best sound quality then you should check its sound quality with bass boost. Its equalizer can adjust your music very best.
It is audio and video player so it supports many music formats including 3GP, MP1, MP2, MP3, WAV, AIFF, MIDI, S3M, IT, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, OTA, M4A, MP4.

android music player image6
And like othe one’s it has all other featues like screen lock supported. it displays the homepage data like date and time.
It has different type of equalizer presets for you including Clasic, Hiphop, Folk, Dance, Flat, Heavy, Piano etc.
And one amazing feature is shake it. We shall shake it to play next track.

Download equalizer+ Music Player

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