5 Best Fidget spinner apps for Android and iOS

Spinners have gained great popularity around the world. But its not time to worry if you do not have a real spinner, because game developers for smartphones have already developed a lot of fidget spinner apps for smartphones and tablets.

1- Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner is one of the best and popular fidget spinner app out there. You can estimate its popularity graph from, the Fidget Spinner Ketchapp company over the past weeks is in the top free App available on App Store. This is because, in a short span of time the game downloaded over 7 million times. Yeah! you can say it is the best fidget spinner app available on App Store. The app also available for android users.



Fidget Spinner introduces a competitive element to the game: you will be given the permission to twist the spinner only five times, for which the spinner has to make the maximum number of revolutions. The greater the speed will be, the more coins you’ll get. Of course, the appearance of the spinners can be changed and adjusted.


App Store

Some users criticized Fidget Spinner for bringing competitive element, but others find this game very entertaining and addictive.

2- Fidget Spinner by Words Mobile

Fidget Spinner is powered by Words Mobile offers users a compromise. Here you can choose between the free mode and time-limited competitive rounds.

For fans of games in the style of Flappy Bird is also available in flip mode, in which you should not be allowed to fly across the screen spinner fall. Touch the toy and keep it in the air.



Gradually you will be pumped his level and discover new skins for the spinners.


3- Fidget Hand Spinner

The Fidget Hand Spinner earn points are much less than the value: you can completely ignore them and just turn the spinner for fun. In addition, there is a virtual toy behaves more naturally and obeys the laws of physics.




At the end of the round, you will see the results that you can share with your friends. You can also challenge your friends. The game is available for iOS and Android.


App Store

4- Fidget Spinner Simulator

Fidget Spinner Simulator for Android offers players the spinners with realistic textures and infinite rotation mode.



And the rest – all the same: spin the spinner, earn points and improve open.



5- Fidget Hand Spinner Toy

Developers Fidget Hand Spinner Toy for iOS focused on the main thing – to the process of rotation of the spinner and its calming effect. In this game, no points, no boosters or league tables. You simply rotate the spinner.

App Store

Of course, there are still many other simulators spinners. If your favorite game is not included in this list, be sure to tell us about it in the comments.


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