5 Best First Person Shooting Games to play on Android

Here we are sharing with you best first person shooting games for android. In these days people are getting interest in FPS games. So we have “Dead Trigger” and “dead Trigger 2”. These are best for FPS. Lets we see it.

Best First Person Shooter Games List

It is no simple job. For at least two decades, first-person shooters are the driving force of the PC and mobile gaming industry, allowing us traveling from the depths of Hell into the outer reaches of space, while taking a detour via zombie-infested cities and towns of tomorrow.

In no specific order, these are greatest first-person shooters on android you need to already be enjoying. Some are older, some are brand new, are terrific.

Dead Trigger

Developer: MADFINGER Games
Price: Free+

This is visually impressive and Zombie shooter android game.
The whole world is prostrating. The people took stand against corrupt politicians who make illegal payments to in exchange for favors. And people killed all like that people. All economics is disrupted. And money has no value now. All population is terminating now.

First person shooting image
Suddenly a dangerous virus spread all over the world and people are dying and other are turning into horrible zombies with only one purpose that is to kill the survivors. Only Some People are survived on planet. You have to learn how to survive and save the other survivors from bloodthirdty zombies.
In this android game we have best features with impressive visual representations. All characters are 3D and interesting environment. And audio too is 3D. Controls are like spontaneous, very easy to understand.

first person shooting game image

There are many ways in which you can attempt zombies killing.
You can kill them with shooting through latest amazing weapons. You can finish then by using explosive material. And many other ways you can choose to kill.

In this game we have countless mission from which you can never get bored.
You have provided a stock of pragmatic ammo. And you are fitted with digital gadgets including radar, baits, mines, laser amputator, grenades and blade chopper.

Dead Trigger 2

Now countless people are becoming bloodthirsty zombies which can be dangerous for you. You have to do you work which is to save the world.
Join this battle at very large scale. The story is about few people fighting against zombies in this battle.
In this Shooting game we have to visit 10 places, where we have to save the survivors. Here we have 37 different kinds of weapons.

first person shooting android game
You are not only one who is fighting against zombies. You will see more people in this fight, join them and become legend in them.
In this game there are very realistic even that a little water reflection will be felt by you. You will go on many places like Europe, African desert, South America, Abandoned mines and Shanghai alleyways…

By fighting well you will get reward in game currency which is very useful for you. You have to meet the Engineer, Gunsmith, Smuggler and Scientist. Meeting with them will be very helpful for you to get more realistic weapons.
In this game only players are not very strong but zombies are too strong. Don’t think it is easy to kill them. No no you have to work very hard to fight with them.

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Hitman: Sniper

Hitman Sniper
Hitman Sniper
Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
Price: $0.99+

Hitman: Sniper finds you, Agent 47, stationed with a sniper gun out an estate full of rich individuals, bodyguards, and also a specific high-priority target. Your work is to take your time, plan a course of actions, and start eliminating enemies any way you see fit (provided that it is via a range). If you are particularly proud of a assignment, use the Share Replay function to discuss gameplay footage along with your pals. For more details…

This game has great graphics and terrific mechanics: you have to lead enemies that are on the move, and has to account for their occasionally unforeseen actions. They won’t shoot back, however, will require cover and move around the map trying to assist your prime goal escape. Controls are simple and responsive, which means that you won’t need too much trouble lining up the shot. The audio is very good, particularly once you skip a few shots and put off a few alarms, and the voice acting is above par for cellular games. Get your heart beating for this wonderful shooter, and revel in no ads or even in-app purchases.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout  eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
Developer: Gameloft
Price: Free+

One of best online FPS to play on mobile, step on the battle and answer the call of duty using the name that raised the bar for first person shooter games with its amazing graphics, high-powered firearms and intense online multiplayer action. Create a team from 8 courses, add friends and family for team play and also test your abilities in lively warfare against online contests from all over the world.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is one of the most mainstream and popular FPS games available on mobile. The game includes some good images, tons of articles, online multiplayer, and much more. Its prevalence virtually guarantees that there’s always someone on the internet to play against or with. Additionally, it will come with a campaign style, six different character types which you can level up and customize, and support for hardware controls. All of it adds up to some very good experience. Nowadays, the match is promoting itself as an eSport.

Prefer to work independently? Then don’t hesitate to step to the thrilling solo play effort as you take your way through a single dire scenario after another to rescue the entire world as possible launch a counterstrike from a lunatic’s snowball strategies.


Unkilled takes you on a crazy, zombie-killing ride with many different enemies that you slay utilizing many different weapons. Some assignments require various gadgets and weapons, which means that you have to put in your armory to update current firearms and purchase new ones. There are tons of weapons and upgrades rewarded to you free as you proceed through the positions, and you’ll feel just like you’re accomplishing something each step of the method.

Your aim in this one would be to mow down zombies, take down supervisors, and finish various min-missions and goals. The game has over 150 assignments, has various weapons to collect and update, and includes some excellent graphics. Should you chance to be rocking a device using a Tegra X1, then the images make even better. You could even engage with the internet PvP mode that utilizes some different kinds of mechanics. It is really really great.



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