10 Best First Person Shooter Games: Enjoy on Android

Turn your smartphone or tablet into shooting environment where you can enjoy a lot. Get access to collection of first person shooter games for android. Become a war hero as a soldier to save mankind. Now face strong enemy in battle. And now take a view of best fps games for android.

List of First Person Shooting Games for Android

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The No. 1 action-packed shooter game available at google play store in only $0.99. This game broaded the boundaries of mobile gaming world. After the start of nuclear war, world is going to end. Elite soldiers got task to avoid the world from destruction.
Become a most epic shooter and get a story include dramatic intence. You can see the both roles of hero and villain. Move around the world from Barcelona and Antarctica.
Qualities like sounds are very unique, created by very famous company (serving in hollywood).
Play with twenty thousand weapons in this amazing games. And get yours’ on the Google palystore ranking.

Requirements for Modern Combat 4:
RAM: 512 MB
Adreno 205 GPU (Equivalent) and 1.9 GB available storage is required to play this Game.

N.O.V.A. 3 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

Get a opportunity help humanity and fight for their survival and best android mobile shooter game.
Before 4 months Kal Wardin destruct the aircrafts and other ammo factories and killed president. After the murder of president, Govt surrendered public places to avoid war.
Now they need a real hero which can save mankind.
Their is large range of realistic weapons and skills to fight against too many enemies.
You can make a 12 player war with 6 multiplayer modes on 6 maps.
2 GB of free memory to install is needed for this.
For shooting lovers, NOVA is best game.


Brothers in Arms® 3

Become a part of world war 2. Serve as sergeant wright, play a role in dramatic way.
Use each weapon class and get game changing perks.
It is necessary for you to upgrade yours time by time.
You will get fighting abilities like Mortar Fire, Molotov, Rocket Blast and much more. And you will use your brothers for more benefits.
Like other games, it have too features of unlocking prizes and weapons. And choose favorite weapon.
You will really enjoy this fps game.


Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Note: Modern combat 5 needs internet connection to play.
According to pocket gamer, This game has “Sharp controls, impressive graphics.”
This is forward step to best fps series modern combat. You will fall in love of this fps android game.
There are six customizable classes. And there are different playstyles like sniper, heavy, recon, bounty hunter and Assault. You can choose your style which suits you according to your point of view.
There are unique story missions for first person shooting lovers. Play better and rank yourself best in leaderboard. And win cool rewards like heavy weapons and much more.
Your mission will be from Tokyo to venice.
How will you want to play? You can play according to your taste through highly customizable controlls.


Call of Duty®: Strike Team

Enjoy top action first person shooter games graphics in both mobile and table. United Stats are attacked by anonymous enemy when all atomic powers under confusion about war in 2020. It is difficult task to find enemy and kill him. you can customize your squad members and weapons according to your strategy. This android game contains very epic moment in game around the world’s different places.
You can compete with your friends, family and Call of Duty®: Strike Team community.

Dead Trigger 1 & 2

Dead trigger 1 and 2 are most searched shooting games on our site. These are too best fps android games. You can check now..

best fps android games


Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex is award winning android fps game series.
A former british SAS Mercenary Ben Sexon is desperate for truth behind a global conspiracy.
For the survival of your family and humanity, you have to fight.
Visual representations have a stunning environment. Music or audio is great.
Touch screen supportive application.

Dead Effect

According to capsulecomputers “dead effect is pretty awesome”.
178 days of hibernation, Wednesday September 7, 2045.
Critical Health Detected, Delta 3 Chamber, Active!
Something is wrong.
What is happening? All pods are empty.
Your role is as an elite member of unit 13. Enjoy sci fi fps android game.
Play well and get new upgdraded weapons and armory as reward.
Discover the enemy to help your public.
This requires 160 mb free RAM to play this game.


Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

One of the best mobile fps games came with apocalyptic war environment.
Be a hero and fight for the freedom of United States.
There are 13 missions from LA to Pakistan. There are different gameplay modes like 4×4 chase, escort destroy and helicopter. You will enjoy a lot. This is one of my favorite shooting game.
There are upto 12 players can enter in battle with cutomizable and upgraded weapons to fight for your nation.


Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Modern combat: Sandstorm is developed by gameloft in 2009. It is first game in first person shooting game series Modern Combat.
10 missions in different environment are in this game. It is close to the similarity of call of duty: Modern warfare.
You will play as an american soldier and terrorists are your enemies. Terrorists attacked on different locations like buildings, hospital, laboratory and port etc…. You have large rang of weapons.



Many shooters like overkill. Its all about shooting and containing all functions of upgrading weapons. Become a professional shooters and play well to rank yourself on leaderboard.
When you will get more skills, you will be upgraded to Elite Tier, which are difficult to kill.
Your enemies can use their all power, which they can use. This is difficult to kill them.
overkill has over 10 million players.
Through playing well you can get reward. By which you can buy upgradable weapons.
You can get flying drones to kill enemies.


Zombie Gunship

Zombie gunship is best optimized first person shooter game for phones and tablets. Enjoy on the seat of armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. Use your strategy to fire in such a way that majority of zombies could be killed easily.
Assume yourself as last man who can save the world. You can check zombies which are not dead yet. And kill them.
Like other game, it has functionality of customization weapons.
It has night vision display for night time battle.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

It is one of most played fps games for android. Its desktop version is too popular. Now your enemy is bloodthirsty zombies. All warehouses are overflowed with zombies. You have to kill them.
Enjoy 50 missions. during missions, unlock rewards and realistic guns.
Destroy zombies and get better ranking in leaderboard.
You have a unit of many soldiers for the battle.
It has stunning graphics and interested missions.


The Conduit 2

It is sequel of conduit. High voltage software developed this highly customizable shooting video game.
It is much different from its 1st game in single player mode. Like you can flip over tables or other things. You can shoot your opponents’ ammo and hit on their points.
On different levels you can ride on different vehicles.
Enemy is also strong, and now not an easy deal to kill then. Players have to become more smart.
You can play it on offline mode and online mode.

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