Best Seo Android Apps With Most Feaured Seo Tools

As you know seo is a technique and using this technique we can generate a lot traffic to our apps and websites.

Here we find out some best seo Android apps on Google Play store.

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These seo apps will be very helpful for apps and websites owners.You should use these apps and their great tools to boost up the traffice.

Let checkout these apps.

Viord SEO Tools

Viord seo tools offers you above 30 tools for best seo. It tells all information about your website. We are discussing about its seo tools and their work.
Seo report card which checks Seo report of your website. It also check keyword density that which keyword has most value in your website.
It also checks SERP (Search Engine Result Page) means which keyword has best position on search engine. It also checks competition of your website on search engine. And checks what Page Rank of your website and your competitor’s website. It can also predict your website’s future.

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As everybody knows that backlinks of edu domain named website gives your website a great worth. Tools of this android app check the backlinks of .edu domain on your website. It has also a keyword generator, in this you have to just enter a word and then it will find top keyword for you. You can also generate HTML code and Robot.txt file for your website.

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It creat xml file for website through this xml file search engine’s crawlers index your page of website.
It also checks that your website is responsive or not? for example your website is mobile friendly or not?. It also check links too. It also generate the source code of our website. And checks our webpage’s size. It also checks the backlinks of your website. It is a great Seo Android app.

Website and SEO Toolbox

This is too a SEO app which help us to know the status of your website or blog. It provide us all information about Alexa Rank of your site. It also finds no. of backlinks and indexed page on Google. And all detailed information about fame of your site on social networks like that Facebook shares,likes and comments, Twitter and google shares, Linkedin, Pintrest, Stumbleupon and Delicious feedback.

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It checks title, Keywords of our website and description. It also checks all links of our website. It also checks registration of our website and presense in DMOZ. Like other one’s it also check’s size of our webpage.
It finds the erors like 404 error and 505 erors. These Errors are not good. This tool will suggest you Keyword which are calculated from real users.

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SEO SERP mojo – Rank Tracker

This tool is best for tracking the keyword of your website that the keyword of your website is on which position on Search Engine like GOOGLE. Through this you can check countless URLs and Countless keywords and all history of checked keywords.

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Visual representation of ranking history is represented in graph very beautifully. It checks results from three high search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo. Automatically checks ranks daily and show notification when rank is finished or updated or when your keyword or site lost position.

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SEO Watcher

To check the position of your site in Major search engines, this android app is best. This app supports many languages including English,???????, Deutsch, ???????????, Français Italiano, Polski, Español.
One Important feature is that is detects from not only three search engines but from seven (7) famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu (beta), Ask, Yandex, YandexXML.

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It also have a feature that it can mail us our site’s report. It defines our site’s ranking history in graphically. It has too many SEO tools including captcha detection tool.
This more nice android app than other one’s. It has some limitation in free version.

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Simple Analytics Widget

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I like its feature that you can see your site’s google analytics information on the home screen of your android device. By using this app you can see that all visitors and unique visitors and all page views and other somethings for you. When the rate of your website’s data will be changed then it will notify us. It is a widget, when we shall instal it then it will ask us to connect with google analytics which will be not a difficult task it will be so easy.

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