Blue Whale Game: Suicide Challenge Task list and Victims

Today, here we are going to discuss a game is actually a suicide game, so, I really recommend you not to play the game. This is suicide challenge game. it contains 50 hurtful tasks. A curator (admin) checks if user fulfilled their tasks or not. After completing harmful 49 tasks, 50th task is take your life by jumping from high roof building.

Blue Whale Game : Complete Introduction

Blue Whale Game also named as Blue Whale Suicide Game is an internet game, they called it as a game but actually it more than that of a game. Once the player started blue whale game, the player is given a task list by the game administrator (admin) which the player have to complete within 50-days deadline, including the last task in which the player will have to take its own life.
The logic behind its name “Blue Whale Challenge” is the phenomenon the whales beach themselves and take their own life.


If we go back into its history, Blue Whale Game was first commenced in Russia in 2013 with “F57” by the group titled as “death group”, on the social network site called VKontakte. The first suicide case caused due to this game in 2015. The game has been blamed by the Russian press, this game is the actual reason behind the suicide attempt by the 80 to 130 children between November 2015 and April 2016. Blue whale game is trapping the teenager in Russian and now also in other countries. Recently a news agency reported that this game could be spreading across UK, US and Central Asian countries.

Owner of Blue Whale Game

Owner of Blue Whale Challenge Game
The owner of the Blue Whale Challenge Game is “Philipp Budeikin” – a former psychology student who had expelled out of his college. He said that the reason behind to develop the game is “clean the society” from the people who has no value to society and not more than a burden by simply forcing the this kind people toward suicide.

Owner’s arrest

On May 2017, Philipp Budeikin, 22, was arrested by a Siberian court and charged with urging teens to commit suicide.

On May 2017, Philipp Budeikin, 22, was arrested by a Siberian court and charged with urging teens to commit suicide.


Ilya Sidorov blue whale challenge administrator

Ilya Sidorov blue whale game administrator

On June 8th, 2017, another man, Ilya Sidorov, 26, a postman in Moscow, arrested by police under suspicion of being a Blue Whale game admin. He confessed to persuade the schoolgirls to commit suicide.

How to play Blue Whale Challenge Game?

Blue Whale game is actually a game which you play with yourself until you take your own life. Once you started the game you’ll give 50 different tasks by admin. You’ve to complete all the tasks otherwise they’ll come after you and hurt you through different means. But its nothing more than a nonsense, they just trap you that you complete given tasks. They also send you malicious files and with the help of these files they have access to your personal data and after, they it use to blackmail you, or trick you into playing.
Overall, they blackmail you through different means that you couldn’t leave the game.
These tasks are just go around to hurt yourself, watch videos and listen music that they send you, go to roof and sit at edge, waking up at 4:20 a.m. etc and the last one is to jump off from building and take your life. It takes 50 days to complete all the tasks, Every time you complete a task you’ll have to send its photos or video to admin as a proof.
Blue Whale Challenge Game also known by many other names such as A Dark House, Wake Me Up At 4:20am, and A Sea Of Whales.

Victims of Blue Whale Challenge Game

The real victims of blue whale game are teenager, they trap the teens as young as 12 years old and encourage them to commit suicide. Blue Whale Challenge Game has been associated with 80-130 recent teen suicides by Russian media. But there’s no definite connections between game and one or more of those deaths have been verified by authorities.
But there’s a case of menacing double-suicide in early 2017 was directly associated with Blue Whale. Yulia Konstantinova (15 years) and Nika Volkova (16 year) commit suicide together by jumping off from 14-storey building. Shortly before death Yulia and Nika changed their status to “end” and “sense is lost… End” respectively on their VK profile. Yulia also posted a photo of a blue whale on her Instagram account.

Angelina Davydova from Ryazan Suicide victim of Blue Whale Challenge

Angelina Davydova from Ryazan Suicide victim of Blue Whale Challenge

Diana Kuznetsova, 16, jumps off from 9-storey building in Ryazan and took her life.
Vilena Piven blue whale suicide victim

Vilena Piven blue whale suicide victim

In December, Vilena Piven, 15, took her life by jumping off from 13th floor in Mariupol, Ukraine. She posted a photo of top floor building view on her social media profile with a message “The quest is over. There’s just one step to be made.” Her classmate said after her death, she was a shy girl and often seem cuts on her arms.

Complete Task List of Blue Whale Suicide Game

  1. 1- Carve “f57” on your arm with a blade, and send its image to admin
  2. Awaken at 4:20 a.m and watch scary videos that the admin sent you
  3. Cut you arm with blade and also with your veins, not very deep, 3 cuts and post its image to admin
  4. Draw a whale on the paper
  5. Write “Yes” with a blade on your leg if you are ready to become a whale otherwise cut yourself multiple times
  6. Encoded task
  7. Scratched “f40” on your arm and post image to admin
  8. Post “#i_am_whale” in status on your social media account
  9. You have overcome your fear
  10. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to the highest roof where you can go
  11. Carve a whale on your hand with blade, post its photo to admin
  12. Watch the horror movies whole day
  13. Listen the music that the admin send you
  14. Cut your own lips
  15. Poke your arm with a needle multiple times
  16. Make your self sick, or hurt yourself
  17. Find the highest roof and stand on its edge
  18. Go to the bridge
  19. Climb on the crane
  20. At this step admin checks if you are trustworthy
  21. Make a Skype call to a whale a talk him/her
  22. Go to the roof and sit on the edge of the roof with legs dandling
  23. Another encoded task
  24. Secret task
  25. Meeting with a Whale
  26. The admin tells you the date when you’ll have to commit suicide and you’ve to accept it
  27. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and visit a railroad
  28. Don’t talk with anyone whole day
  29. Give an oath that you are a whale

30-49 Wake up at 4:20 .a.m, watch scary movies, listen music the admin send you, make 1 cut everyday on your body and talk to a whale on Skype
50-  Go to highest building jump off and take your life

How to access the Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game?

If you should be dumb enough to desire to engage in the game then you are definitely going to need to seek it a more deeper. Assuming that the game even really is present, its not publicly available. You can not find the Blue Whale game on Google or perhaps onto FB communities because its not available in public groups, you can only find it in secret or private groups.
It is also said that the admins of the games choose their victims instead the players themselves seeking out the game.

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