Best BTC Miner: Which is Profitable BTC miner in 2018

Role of BTC Miner is to provide secure bitcoin transactions and release the new bitcoins. A transaction can only be considered secure if it is included in block because it is officially embedded into the bitcoin’s blockchain. People store their sensitive information in blockchain rather than large data centers. Blockchain has the record of transactions. Blockchain allows bitcoin software to determine when a particular bitcoin amount has been spent. Without btc miners the network would be flawed. Hash power keep the bitcoin network more secure and safe.
Bitcoin is the most top-rated topic now a day. Bitcoin is the digital currency but it is much more complicated. Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin in 2009. People use btc miner to mine more Bitcoins. It has been used and now it is very popular digital currency in world. Digital currency value has been increased rapidly. Digital currency made the trade easier day by day. Most of digital currencies can be mined and having their own mining procedure and miners. If you have bitcoins then you may be asking yourself how to store the digital currency. So firstly you should know what is bitcoin address? How to store the digital currency?
The best bitcoin wallet is that provides you to security, anonymity, and control. There are many bitcoin wallets that are mobile wallets, desktop wallets, custodial wallets and bitcoin paper wallets and also hardware wallets. Some wallets have there own btc miner in wallets that is used to earn more bitcoins. The choice is to select the best bitcoin wallet will come down to an individual user’s preferences. And bitcoin address has two keys. One is public key and second is private key. Bitcoin address are derived through public key. It is used to send bitcoins and also it provides the secure sharing. A private key is used to take bitcoins from the wallet. Every methodology has some pros and cons. It depends on you what you select.

What is BTC Miner?

BTC miner can be a software btc miner or hardware. It us used to perform mining through software or hardware. Bitcoin is decentralized currency. When any transaction of Bitcoin is made in world somewhere, that is saved in the form of “Block”. All transaction are assembled in blocks. BTC miner will verify that transaction. If its not assembled well, then it’ll tally it. When a miner do this job, that get some reward in Bitcoin.

Why BTC Miner is Used?

To understand why BTC miner is used, first we need to understand why mining is used or why crypto mining in important.
As we know that there is no single bank that is tracking transaction of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency miners are used to carry out transactions in blocks and then also used to create new blocks. When this job is done, they give reward in that currency which is being mined.
Bitcoin mining has become more increasingly over the years and now it is done on specialized hardware, cheap and electricity and often big data centers. Bitcoin mining is a process of transactions with interconnected computers in a secure and verified way. Bitcoin currency can also be exchanged for other currencies by product and services.

CPU Miner vs. GPU Miner

In early stages, miners used their CPU (Central Processing Unit) to mine BTC. But now, BTC miners discovered that they can get more hashing power from graphic cards. CPU miner use CPU of personal computer through a software. There are many mining software in industry serving as a affordable btc miner. Through CPU, you can’t generate high hash rate. As compare to GPU miner, CPU is very less profitable miner. On other hand, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is costly miner but most profitable. It generate very high hash rate which help to earn more and more.
You can generate more profit by using graphics cards. You can in crease hash power by adding graphics cards.

Types of BTC Miner

There are many types of BTC miner, but we’ll discuss here about three types following:

  1. Hardware Miner
  2. Software Miner
  3. Cloud Miner

Now we are going to explain Hardware miner.

Hardware BTC Miner

Bitcoin mining through hardware is most profitable business now a day. There are some hardware btc miners listed down.

FPGA Miner:

FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. When GPU mining was most costly and competitive, FPGA btc miner helped a lot of people to mine bitcoin. Cost efficiency and quality are the major factors to choose the best BTC hardware miner. It also consumes less power. At that time when this was launched, it was able to generate 25 GH/s.

ASIC Miner:

Its very hard to differentiate between FPGA and ASIC btc miner. Because both have same quality and logical functionality. When it was announced that it’ll generate 60 GH/s with one device, it gained attention of many btc miners. Main factor to like this is that it consumes less power.
Some new bitcoin miners are included that are Ant Miner, Avalon Miner and many more with different capacity, efficiency and price. There are also largest companies that make btc miner hardware. These are Bitmain, Bitfury and many more. You should know how to choose best mining hardware according to your need. Every bitcoin mining hardware has advantages and disadvantages. If you get profitable mining than you should first decide which hardware is suitable for you.


Antminer is one of the most powerful btc miner in the world. This is ASIC based miner having ASIC chips. It provides more hash rate than other miners. Its design is compatible with everyone. This is also smaller than other mining hardware. Unlike other, it remained cool while running for hours. This is recommended btc miner from us.

Avalon BTC Miner:

This btc miner can produce huge hash rate upto 10+ TH/s. It has high speed and consume less power. This is also Asic based btc miner. Because of having ASIC chips.
Now i am going to elaborate software btc miner:

Software BTC Miner:


CGMiner is an open source software. This software is available in many platforms like Windows, Linus, and iOS. This software has some new features. It can control overclocking, monitoring, fans speed and remote interface capabilities and supported to users. CGMiner official also provides you more qualities.We can attach hardware with this software to support. Through this software, we can monitor all process on LCD.


Another best BTC Miner software is BFGMiner. This software is similar to the CGMiner but it is specifically designed for ASICs. It has some new features mining with free mesa, OpenCL, Overclocking, and control the fan. But remind that if you are mining with a modminer, X6500 or ZTEX devices then you need to download bitstreams to make sure BFG Miner 3+ works run on your device. You can also fin them in the official BFGMiner Fourm.

Easy Miner:

Easy Miner is based on Graphical user interface and its working is similar like CG Miner and BFG Miner. It can work with both CPU and GPU. It also support many cryptocurrencies.

Bitminter Btc Miner:

BitMinter is not the popular software but it is one of the best when it is connect with users and clients. Its officially website is very simple and complete. Through this bitcoin mining is easy and meet the high payouts. BitMinter software is different from others software because it belongs to the mining pool B. BitMinter mining speed is better and has a long pooling. So it is a great decision if you are looking a simple installation. It is available for Windows, MAC OS, and Linux.
Here is step by step guide to make more profit through btc miner:
Firstly you should select best mining hardware.
Then you should select the best bitcoin mining software according to your needs.
Then you should arranged a way of getting the mining profit.
Start solve algorithms. Remember that if your selected software is not support to ASIC mining then you should left this software because ASIC is the most profitable mining bitcoin.
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