Cargo VPN Review – Your VPN For Mac and iOS

VPNs are becoming more and more common as people battle against internet censorship and ensure that their browsing is kept private. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, with the technology originally designed to allow large businesses to keep internal communications secure.

As our lives and communications enter the online world, VPN services are becoming more sought after and are becoming more affordable. To keep things simple; a VPN allows someone accessing the internet from London appear to be connecting from Paris. This means if an online service or website could only be accessed through Paris, a London user can access them through the VPN.

Cargo VPN Review

Some users are uncomfortable with idea that their government can monitor and access their data, so they use a VPN to access the internet and keep their location, IP address, communications, and online activities private.

cargo vpn review

There are many VPN service providers and – as demand increases – so too does the range of services. However these services are not created equal and there is the chance that using a VPN can drastically reduce internet speed. And if you want to unblock sites on Mac or iOS, then Cargo VPN is best option.

One VPN provider currently on the market is Eltima Software. The developers behind the service have been around for years, meaning they are trustworthy and have a range of products including Commander One, SyncMate, Folx, PhotoBulk, and more. The company now also offers the Cargo VPN service.

VPNs provide users with security, with Cargo VPN offering security and privacy to users. Paying bills online, logging into social networks, and accessing your online bank account using a VPN means keeping your sensitive data secure.

Cargo VPN also allows you to save money. It’s become common knowledge that airfares, car rental services, and online streaming services usually base prices on the location of clients. Cargo VPN allows you to change your geographic location and potentially find a better offer that costs less.

You may find that your internet connection speed lowers as you change your location and browse the internet using a different connection “corridor”. This becomes noticeable when using an Apple TV. Cargo VPN promises that connection speed will stay high as you connect to over 1,000 high speed servers across over 70 locations, ensuring instant and constant access through the Cargo VPN service to any website or service from any location.

Cargo VPN

Let’s take a look at the costs of using Cargo VPN. The app is free for the Mac App Store, including a version for iOS devices, allowing you to try and test the service around the clock. There are then several subscription offers to choose from. The service costs $9.99 for one month, $49.99 for a full year ($4.17/mo), and $99.99 for 3 years ($2.78/mo). One subscription allows for connecting up to five Macs through a single account. There are in-app purchases available including your own Personal Static IP, a Personal Server to ensure protection and fast connection speeds, and additional slots for more devices.

In summary, Cargo VPN is a worthwhile app that is competitive and delivers on advertised promises. You just have to choose whether you care about your connection speed or keeping your personal data secure. It doesn’t matter how high-quality a VPN service is, it is bound to cut some of your connection speed. They are able to allow you to bypass online blockages and protect your data from online snoopers in return, however.

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