Clash of Lights – Download and How to Install CoC Private Server

Clash of Lights – a private server like Clash of Clans to enjoy unlimited resources, you can have unlimited gold, troops, gems, elixir, and there is also not limit of time.

Have you ever played Clash of Clans (‘if not then leave the page its not for you’) and get bored of its limited resources. If yes, then Clash of Lights is really for you, but before moving to download this you’ve to read the following information.

What is Clash of Lights

Clash of Lights is an APK that works like Clash of Clans but actually isn’t Clash of Clans and not owned by supercell. So, in this sense they are different from each other. Both games are online (‘it require internet to play’) but their servers are entirely different and have not linked with each other. Means you can’t attack on Clash of Clans Bases with this Lights server and vise versa.
Here is list of all clash of lights servers:

Clash of Lights Server – Play Clash of Clans with unlimited resources

If you aren’t happy with Clash of Clans limited resources then Clash of Lights APK is really for you, it provides unlimited resources like gold, elixir, gems without time constraints.


Clash of Lights

The contains different heroes like Dragon King, EKKA Queen, choose your favorite one, enjoy free every thing, and have a great fully maxxed th11 base.
The best thing about this server is, its available free of cost, You can build you own base and an customize it.
Clash of Lights server is the most stable and powerful mode/emulated server available, you can enjoy unlimited gems, and resources and also can battles against with other players.
Here, we also have Clash Royale Private Server By Master Royale

Download Clash of Lights Server (Updated)

Clash of Lights s1 (Clash Server Lights)

Clash Server Lights v 9.256 allow you to build village and use in-game commands to enjoy the free gems and diamond.


Clash of Lights s2 (Royale Server Rlight)

Royale Server Rlight come up with decks, free shop, chest rewards, PvP modes and clans, feel free to enjoy unlimited resources to reach at top in the game.

There are a lot of different server like Clash of Clans to enjoy free unlimited resources and Clash of Lights is one them.

What Clash of Lights have and how it works

Here, are interesting stuff you can do with clash of lights server with unlimited resource.


  • Functionality same like Clash of Clans
  • Make your own clan
  • Battle with any of other user
  • Build own base
  • Customize the base

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  1. Install the app from the given link
  2. Once you’ve downloaded this on your Android phone click on APK file
  3. if it doesn’t allow you to install APK  (“Android doesn’t allow the apps to install other than Play Store or any authentic source”).
  4. Click on settings => Security => turn on unknown sources.
  5. it’ll start the installation process
  6. Once Clash of Lights installed on your cellphone you can enjoy every thing free and unlimited.


  • Unlimited Resources (GOLD, GEMS, elixir and other)
  • No time Limits
  • Available totally free to play.
  • Every thing will be in your control
  • Only Play to win


  • Have not relation with Clash of Clans.
  • You can win game with ease
  • Hosted on Private Servers

Note: As mentioned above Clash of Lights APK is similar to Clash of Clans, but they both haven’t any connection to each other. The both are running on different severs and owned by different persons.  So, if you are here and thinking this is actually Clash of Clans then you are wrong.


Here are some FAQs (frequently asked questions) by users. We’ve answered them all.
Is this server is developed by Supercell?
No! these are developed by private company or individuals.
Is this integrated with Clash of Clans?
No! this is not linked to Clash of Clans. These are private servers to enjoy free resources.
Can we build clans in these servers?
Can we get unlimited gems and gold?
Yes! you can get these resources free of cost.


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