Clash Royale Private Server: Download By Master Royale Apk

Video games are very popular in every age of people in the world and Clash Royale is one of them. It is the most fascinating game which is little bit different. The lovers of Clash Royale wanted to explore more and more to get unlimited gems, unlimited gold, and troops. So I have a wondering news for Royale lovers that release of Clash Royale private server so that they can enjoy a lot of new and unlimited features in Clash royale.

What is Clash Royale Private Server?

This is similar to clash royale official game but built by any third party to enjoy unlimited resources. This server has no link to official game and owners.
Clash Royale Private Server is not an official server. It is hosted by private servers that are more speedy and powerful because it has dedicated server web hosting. And private servers are more efficient and also maintain the load of players than official server.
Clash Royale Private Server
Clash Royale private server is the updated version where you can get unlimited resources, unlimited gems, unlimited elixir and many cards to battle with opponents wisely and to upgrade your cards to the maximum level. There is no limitation of resources and time. You can get everything with no cost.  You can also unlock every things with new mods. You can get more experiences from Clash Royale Private Server apk that made you much exciting.
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You can unlock everything using by cards. Clash Royale Private Server apk has more versions. Each version provides more ease to the users to get gold, elixir, and many more.

Clash Royale private server Cards

Clash Royale private server has 5 cards that made this game more interesting and challenging. These cards are used to win the battle. Through these cards you can attack your opponent, you can also get:

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited elixir

Here are these cards that you can enjoy with Clash Royale private server by Master Royale:

  • The Mega Knight
  • The Cannon Cart
  • The Flying Machine
  • The Skeleton Barrel
  • The Pure Royale

The Pure Royale

This private server has the pure royale card with many features, like you can easily build tombstones, you can make barbarians, you can easily get elixir collector which provide you unlimited elixir. Everything is unlocked.

Mega Knight

If you get bored with Pure Royale card than one more card is available called mega knight private server. In which you have new characters that are Mega knight, Nasty Frosty, Magic PEKKA, and many more. This card have infinity number of resources and custom mods. So you can get everything free of cost and this is also secured. This is also interesting.

Flying Machine

Another great card is Flying Machine card, its not free, but in clash of royale you can buy it to have 4 elixir cost. The flying machine have excellent features, it is great for defending. Using this you can defeat the spawners. It has long range with 11 levels,its deploy time is 1 second.

Cannon Card

It has Cannon card is also very poplar card but as flying machine it is not free, but you can buy it with a cannon card which costs 5 Elixir to deploy. Its deploy time also 1 second. This card is enough health to survive when cannon card broke it has only 20 second lifetime. Cannon card will be strong if you engaged with graveyard that will provide you fast speed and high hit points. It is used to drop the buildings, and it has 8 levels.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton Barrel is also very interesting card for Royale lovers and it costs 3 elixir. It is used to unlocked Builders Workshop. It also has a deploy time 1 second. It is used to damage the tower even when it is sent alone. The skeleton Barrel’s death damaged combined with a zap will take out Goblins and Minions. It has 13 levels and have a lot of new features that make the user to enhance their experience.

What else Clash Royale private Server have ?

All characters are like Clash of light includes Barbarian, Anchor, Goblin, Giant, A Wall Breaker, Balloon, Wizard, PEKKA, Healer, Dragons, Minor and many more, all these characters are tremendous. The theme of this game is very fantasy and every version of it is full of excitement.


Another famous version is that Master Royale that has many interesting features where you can collect unlimited gems, infinity gold, you can also unlocked all the cards with custom mods. You can also enjoy awesome events, and you can battle with opponents, classmates, enemies. Everything is free that courage the game lovers to complete every thrilling levels. You can get 1 millions of gems that is enough to unlock all the cards. Every time new cards will be added.


Though Private servers you can more explore the game and using troops you can perform better in the battle. But remind that this private server is not used to sync the data to your official account. And this server has not any link with official server, you cannot play with another player that using the official server. This private server is supported both for android and iOS.

Clash Royale Private Server Download and Install:

This server is built by Master Royale. According to developers, Clash royale private server is free of any cost and it’ll be always free. And this awesome server is very stable. If you are tired of other free servers which gets offline while high traffic. Download Clash Royale Private Server and play with amazing resources and features. 2vs2 is here, play without restrictions, enjoy it and download its amazing Clash Royale s1, s2 and Server 3 online servers.
There are three servers:

  • Master Royale Server 1
  • Master Royale Server 2
  • Master Royale Server 3

Master Royale Server 1

Master Royale server 1 is going to provide you best adventure of you life with unlimited gems and gold. You can make your experience better by playing with friends in friendly mode. You can also play with your enemies to make you more strategist, download clash royale s1 apk


Master Royale Server 2

This server 2 is going to provide you outstanding clash royale experience. All mode available in this server will give you ultimate gaming experience, download clash royale s2 apk


Master Royale Server 3

Are you dreaming for best gaming experience? you are at right place. Master royale server download will provide you unlimited resources. This better that both mentioned above. Because it is mixed version of master royale 1 and master royal 2, download clash royale s3 apk


How to Install Clash Royale Private Server:

You can easily install with good internet connection by following these instructions:

  • Install the Clash Royale Private Server (which version you want to install)
  • Make sure your unknown sources is enabled.
  • You must have an internet connection and an android cell.



Well, Clash Royale is a strategic game, If you play, I think it is worth spending some time to fresh up your mind. This game is fully supported and enhance the user experience. By downloading and playing, you will have the best time playing with the best clash royale private server by master royale. Do whatever you want, play around with unlimited resource and without any restriction. we’ll hope, this article will help you explore more clash royale, play and have fun. THANKS…


Please one thing you’ve to bear in mind that official Clash Royale game has not any direct link to this server, and this is a mod apk version of real game. Real game is developed by Supercell, but this is developed by any unknown individual or company. So, in any trouble while playing, our site or Supercell is not accountable.
Clash Roayel Private Server by Master Royale is fully free to use, everything in the game is totally free of cost, and the owner develop it for fun as hobby project. As mentioned it is totally free of cost, So, if someone is selling free resources of Clash Roayel Private Server to you, then we, Supersell and the clash royale private server isn’t  responsible for this.

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