6 Educational Video Games & Apps For kids

Nowadays it is difficult to both entertain and educate your child and find enough time for your own personal needs. Devices such as smartphones and tablets give kids numerous learning experiences and also kids love to play apps or games on them.

These educational games and apps can teach or reinforce memory, imagination, creativity, math, reading, coordination and critical thinking skills. 2018 is a year of big hardware launches and also a year in which iconic games like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Doom are looking to make a comeback.

This is one of the most critical problem to strong growth of kids. Kids are very fond of playing games. They play fighting games and action games that can affect very bad on kids’ mind. This is not good for mental health. But when you have games that are good for your kids, that is awesome deal. Yes! here is list of best educational apps/games for kids for learning.

Monster Math

monster math - educational app and game

Monster Math is an app that takes the player across the adventure of a monster called Maxx. The player is meant to help Maxx with the power of mathematics while he is exploring new worlds, battling enemies etc. It teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with a multilevel system which is designed to guide struggling kids towards the right answers. Besides being fun and educational, another upside is that there are no in-app surprises after you make an initial purchase so you can let kids play on their own.


Metamorphabet - educational game and app

Metamorphabet is a playful interactive alphabet for all ages. In this game each of the twenty six letters, guided by your touch, transforms into playful interactive vignettes. There are no specific lessons or points to be won, but your kid can work through the letters by traversing and interacting with the animation. So, your kids will not only learn the alphabet but they will also expand their vocabulary.


Poptropica - educational game and app

Poptropica is the biggest hit this year. This great imaginative game is designed for kids older than 5 years. It allows kids to create three Poptropican characters and work on their mystery-solving skills in a series of fun Poptropica Mythology Island quests. Although the players can encounter situations like a prison break, bank robbery or kidnapping, they will never come into contact with anything truly scary or dangerous. Violence in this game is non-existent. Besides mystery-solving skill, this game also teaches children how to deal with distress, how to be emphatic and how to be a team player. Poptronica is available for iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch.

Funbrain Jr.

funbrain - educational mobile game and app

This game is designed for preschool and kindergarten kids and is meant to help jumpstart their journey of learning. Funbrain Jr. is an app that contains five different games. In “Balloon Blow Up” kids pop the balloon with the largest number. Next, in “Heat Wave” they connect tubes in alphabetical order to fill up a pool. Then, in “Shape Shack” they click on the accurate picture to complete a pattern etc.


scratch - educational game and app

Kids today are so creative and imaginative, and have many different tools and programs available, that they can create their own games. Scratch is a web-based programming language designed specifically for 8 to 16 year old kids. In Scratch, kids get to use a visual programming language that consists of bricks which they drag to the workspace to animate sprites. These bricks trigger loops, create variables, instigate interactivity, play sounds and so on. Guides, communities and other resources, which will help your kid get started, are available on the website.

The Witness

The-Witness - educational game and app

The Witness is a 3d puzzle video game available on the PS4. The setting of the game is a deserted island, and players have the task of finding its mysteries and solving its puzzles. The game is extremely difficult with no instructions, because the creators desired create a game around non-verbal communication. This game will encourage your kids to be analytical and critical of the world around them. This game is suitable for kids because there is no violence, foul language, sexuality nor any other mature themes.


Games are great for both yourself and your kid(s)

Today, games and apps are probably the best and the easiest way for your kids to learn as most kids are quite easily bored with the old techniques. Games can hold their attention for periods of time so that parents can use that time for rest or some other activities. Another benefit is gaming is a clean way of playing so to say, meaning that parents do not have to clean up a mess afterwards.

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