Facebook’s Secret Chat SDK. A Change to the New Future

There is a project being taken by Bryan Hurren, Facebook Messenger’s Head of Strategic planning. The project involves distribution of Facebook’s secret chat Software Development Kit(SDK) to developers, which they are using to create interactive bots. Basically this is a business innovation. This is because services such as shopping, booking travel among others will now be available in Facebook Messenger. The users will be using the bots created to send messages to these bots that consequently respond with information such as buying buttons, location services, images and product services.

Facebooks Secret Chat SD

Improved Messenger

The chat SDK also allows developers to tap into the in-built payment systems of Messenger, to allow users to make purchases through the built bots. If this happens, it will be quite a breakthrough. The documentation has not been publicized yet but the chat SDK is being shared through PDFs. The whole idea aims at enhancing the value of messenger by making it more than a messaging application. It will be offering many more services.
The difference that the chat SDK will be making in Facebook Messenger is that users will no longer need to download a myriad of applications to connect with companies and organizations. They will be using the instant messaging apps they are already familiar with to communicate with the companies through their official accounts. This will motivate potential customers to message them more than when the customers would have needed to install apps in their phones, which most times tend to use too much unnecessary space. Again, is it just me or are most apps filled with purposeless advertisements that pop up before you can blink. Those things are very annoying. With this platform in place, at least this will stop now.

Operating Systems

As much as this will be convenient for the users, the businesses also benefit. How? You may ask. Well, they will no longer have to build and maintain mobile apps that are compatible with the different operating systems. The issue of popularizing these apps is also out of the question. This has actually been a tedious journey considering the number of apps found in the various apps store available today. Making one app to stand out from all others is quite a struggle.
This Business on Messenger platform was unveiled during the launch of Facebook’s F8. The strategy is expected to work similarly with Slack, a popular workplace chat app platform that was launched a few months ago. This platform was to offer real-time customer services through chat where they would make exchanges with much ease. The platform will replace popular, means of communications such as emails, phones and mobile applications. It will also be differentiated from other messaging apps such as Viber and WhatsApp. It is will be smarter in terms of what it will be offering.

Payment Services

With this new technology in place, you will be able to get a movie ticket with just a click, pay bills and get many more services. The first bot, named Uber was introduced in December 2015 that allows users to order a ride at the comfort of their homes or offices.
Other platforms that have been using such a technology (of incorporating bots in their apps) include China’s WeChat and Japan’s Line Messenger. What will make this more beneficial for Facebook is that the user base is very large (700 million people and counting). It will be earning so much more from its ecosystem. This technology comes in this era of great innovations. From wearable technology to wireless technologies, there is just no stopping in this field. It is a good a thing as it will change how e-commerce transactions are performed. It will enhance customer experiences, engagement and save a great deal of time. This will be a win-win situation for the companies, customers and Facebook as a company. It is expected that the company will start forming third party partnerships very soon.
It is not yet know when the first chat SDK services will be launched but there are signs that it will be soon. Looking at how Uber was integrated with Facebook Messenger, we can tell how other bots will be integrated.


The world is changing at a high rate and the way things are done is evolving frequently. New technology and innovations in the world have seen the introduction of the Business on Messenger platform, where bots developed will enable one to chat with more than friends in Facebook. Businesses will be able to respond to customers request with much ease without the need of creating proprietary mobile solutions for this. This consequently scraps the need to download so many apps for purposes of communication with businesses by customers. In the near future online payments will be made possible. This platform will definitely bring a change to the near future.

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