FooView – New Android App with “one-button” but alot features

fooView – is a quite interesting and useful android app developed by the author File Manager ES File Explorer.It let you to interact with Android OS in an unusual way.



As you know Android for advance users is really simple and convenient.But we laugh at beginners who initially lost between the lots of icons and huge number of settings of android OS.But the developer of this app thought about this problem and develop a very simple application that consist of a single button.This app allow the users to easily run the other applications and perform other important things.


We here share with you a video review of the fooview that will guide you, how to use the basic funtions of the app.First you just to install this app on your cellphone, and permits the some settings that this app needed.As a result a small circular floating icon will appear on your android device screen.Then you can enjoy its all funtions such as , you can take screenshots, launch other apps, to do searches, capture text, translating texts and many others.Let check how it funtions works in the following viedeo.

fooview android app is in alpha teting phase, so you can’t download this app from Google Play.But you can download this app from the developes page on XDA developers site.Overall, this is very useful app for the android users.You should realy try this.

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