Forest Live Wallpaper: moving trees, mountains, clouds and more

Forest Live Wallpaper – a Material Design app with soothing forest scenes, trees that are blowing in the the wind and against the forest there  huge mountains, all of these creates a really beautiful and relaxing scene. The simple live wallpaper free app also changes its appearance according to the time of the day, as at day there is sun in the sky and at night stars.

Forest Live Wallpaper App

Forest-Live-Wallpaper app

Forest-Live-Wallpaper app

The best things about the live wallpaper app is, you can customize its color of the app according to your theme and taste.

The app come up with 3D parallax effect with several layer when scrolling and tilting the device, but this feature doesn’t work in all android devices.

How to set it on device:

  1. You need to have lock screen with live wallpaper background as in Locker Master applock
  2. Enable the live wallpaper in the launcher setting while you are on Galaxy s6 device.
  3. you can select whether to set it on home screen and lock screen or both


  • Fades from day to night
  • moving tree with wind
  • local weather
  • Parallax effect
  • Mountains
  • stars at night time
  • Clouds on the sky
  • Customizable colors

The bad new about the app is it no longer support the weather stuff, because the API became unavailable. So, If you need the weather sync then you will have to install the other weather app on your device.

Forest Live Wallpaper free available free to download on Google Play Store, but its free version come up with limited features, to use its premium version you’ll have to buy it.

Forest Live Wallpaper
Forest Live Wallpaper
Developer: Kaka
Price: Free+


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