Google Play penetrated fake bitcoin-wallet

Experts of the Mobile Lookout Company, works in the department of research in the field of information security, found that there are at least three fake cryptochecker on the Google Play Store. With this attackers give their own bitcoin address to the victims instead of the seller, and receive all the transaction in their own account.

Experts said: When two parties make their deal of buying and selling bitcoin, the buyer who install the app passed the address to the seller, all the funds sent by the seller directly came into the attackers account while on the other side the victim only saw the fake figures on his/her account.

The fake bitcoin-wallets have been storing crypto-currencies from several months, and these app have been downloaded more than 20,000 times.  According to the Mobile Lookout, the total damage caused by these app can be in thousands of US dollars.

The question is why these fake bitcoin-wallet app stayed in the Google Play Store for so long? This because of the absence of the malicious scripts in its code, these fake wallets didn’t doing any prohibited activities, didn’t collect personal data of the user, didn’t downloaded any extraneous files to the android device.

Now, it has been removed from the Play Store.

Source: Mobile Lookout Company

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