How to Root Android: One Click Method

Once we thought about rooting the android, how to root android, we relate many negative things to it. Some think it is too scary or some predict it an on-going process that may require an ample time to get downloaded.

how to root android

Many people still don’t know the exact meaning of rooting. So for all those chaps, rooting is defined as the process by which the users unlock certain devices that are restricted to obtain from carriers and hardware manufacturers. If you want to attain a full authority over different android subsystems, then you must root your android immediately.

How to Root Android Successfully

Well, now you clearly understand the exact meaning of rooting, let’s move forward to learn how rooting is possible without difficult functioning.

Kingo Android Root – An easiest way to root your android!

Kingo Android Root is an incredible one-click android root software that provides support to any android device and version. Its free from any charge and gives you an access to root only restricted apps. This fantastic software gives you fast performance with the preservation of battery life. Let’s check out its quick download process.

Step#1:Download and install Kingo Android Root successfully.

Step#2:Launch it further by double clicking its desktop icon. Once it is installed, you will clearly see its interface.

Step#3:Now plug your device with the computer through USB cable. Here, you need to download device driver. If you are using Windows 8, then the very common problem you may face is the driver installation looping. Fix it by going through the given link:

How to Fix Driver Installation Looping on Windows 8

Step#4:Now, you have to enable USB debugging mode because it is an essential step in rooting procedure. The primary function of this mode is to facilitate a link between your android device and a PC with android SDK (Software development kit).

For android 4.2 and advanced versions, before enabling USB debugging mode, you have to enable ‘Developer Options Menu’. First of all, click the Menu button and go to the settings. Now, reach the option ‘About tablet’ or ‘About phone’ by scrolling down the menu. When you find ‘Build Number Field’, tap it seven times. You will be updated with an alert that ‘You are 3 steps away from being a developer’. Once this process is done, you will receive a message ‘you are now a developer’. Press the back button where you will see the Developer options menu on your settings screen.

Congratulations, you can enable USB Debugging Mode now. Go to the settings then reach Developer Options. There, you can see another option USB Debugging. Tap this checkbox and enable it successfully.

Step#5:Read all the notifications carefully before rooting your device Now, click ‘ROOT’ and root your device

Step#6:Now click ‘Finish’ to reboot your device and check the root status further.

Your rooting process is over now!

Remember, by rooting your android, a plenty of benefits will be achieved. Enjoy complete authority on android, back up and store the entire system, save space on your phone, run specific applications and install custom ROMs. Well that sounds great isn’t it?


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