How to Install Kali Linux on Android

Want to install Kali Linux on android device? Well, first let’s have a clear understanding about it. Kali Linux is an operating system specifically designed for penetration testing and digital forensics.

install kali linux on android


Want to install Kali Linux on android?

It is accessible on HP Chromebook, BeagleBone Black, CuBox, CubieBoard 2, CuBox-i, EfikaMX, Raspberry Pi, Odroid U2, Samsung Chromebook, Odroid XU, Odroid XU3, Galaxy Note 10.1and SS808.

A Step by Step Guide to Install Kali Linux on Android

To install Kali Linux on your android device, you need to have a rooted android device, Busybox installer, Linux Deploy, Android VNC Viewer, At least 4GB space on external storage and a speedy net connection.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to root your android device.

If you do not know how to root android, follow this link,

How to Root Android: One Click Method

Step 2: 

Now, you have to install the UNIX Scripts in your device via Busybox Installer app. This app can be installed easily on your device. Open this app and select the Busybox Version by going into drop down menu. Just tap the install button and the scripts will be downloaded for further installation. Once you get the successful download alert, it means you have to move on for further step.

Step 3:

Download Linux Deploy which is the official app to install Kali Linux. To install it successfully, you need to tap the icon of properties. Once the properties screen is opened,choose the distribution and let it install. Choose the desktop environment to GNOME. Goto Components Menu and pick all the components.

On reaching GUI Settings, exchange the width and height values. Now choose the install button and after that press OK button. When the installation begins, just keep calm as it will take too much time to install successfully. Keep your cell off, because this process may affect from incoming SMS and calls. Now, tap the START button and then OK to support the Linux file. Don’t forget to note the IP address which is present at the top left corner of the Linux Deploy.

Step 4: 

Open Android VNC viewer, Mention your Nickname and password. ‘ischangeme’ is the default password for Kali Linux. Also, provide the copied IP address, port and username in the Android VNC window. Tap the connect button to see the Kali Linux in your device.

Step 5:

In order to shut down the Kali Linux, make an exit from the VNC viewer. Now, goto Linux Deploy and just tap the Stop button. After that, tap the OK button and close the image.

Now, you are ready to use Kali Linux on your device. Welcome to the world of cyber hacking!



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