5 Best Keyboard Apps on Play Store

Texting on smartphone is a daily affair, but it is really a problem to choose a keyboard that fits to your fingers. So, which of keyboard app should I choose thats the real problem, here we find some really good keyboard apps for android, you can find these apps on Google Play Store.

5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Let’s look at these 5 of the best keyboard apps for android that you must try.



It you really get bored of your existing keyboard app and decided to replace it. Then the first Keyboard app in our list is best alternative for you. Yeah! Swiftkey – is most popular keyboard app for touch screen smartphones.

This app offers you all the essentials, but not unnecessary. It use artificial intelligence automatically understands how you write even what type of emoji you oftenly use.

Superb dictionary, user friendly interface, different designs and themes and supports 100 of different languages.Moreover, it is available totally free on Play Store.

With easy customization options and really fast recommendation of English words while typing, this keyboard app for android is our first choice for you.


Chrooma Keyboard


Our next keyboard app for android is not much famous but really a pleasant app.

Chrooma keyboard – is a colorful app. Yeah! The color of the app changes according to the color of the other app. For example, if you are using Google Keep the keyboard color changes to yellow, and it changes to green it your are using Whatsapp, black in Spotify and so on. So, this is what I mean, the Chrooma changes its color.

However, the keyboard also best in  its other functionality – supports all other standard languages, fast words prediction,  emojis and much more.

One of the interesting feature that I like is its nigh mode. The app automatically changes its color when it detects low light. Its basic version is free to use, but if you want to use its premium version then you have to pay for this.




The third keyboard app for android in our list is Fleksy – it is another powerful keyboard app that offer and let you to send GIFs and customizing it with keyboard themes.

This is a usual keyboard app like others and maybe you will not find any special feature in it.

But the interesting thing we find in this app is the use of gestures. You can easily change the recommended words by just moving them up and down. This app offers you beautiful designs, 40+ themes and over 800 emoji.

Fleksy also supports over 42 languages.

Yo can download this keyboard app free from play store but if you want to enjoy the full functionality of this app then you have to pay.


Ginger Keyboard


The interesting thing about our next keyboard app is, Google itself marked this app as one the best keyboard app for 2015.

Ginger Keyboard with its user friendly interface and layout is really an interesting app. The large keys help user to write quickly and smoothly and make the writing good looking.

The best this about this app is you can quickly access any other app while typing, which will reduce your boredom. With all other keyboard functionality this app also available free to use.



Hacker’s Keyboard

The last keyboard app in our list is Hacker’s Keyboard. It is basically for the user who connect to their computers through cell phones. It provide you all the functionality that your conventional keyboard app did not have. For example, CTRL, SHIFT, function keys F1,F2, etc,ESC and window key. This keyboard is actually like a PC keyboard, You can also say this is the PC keyboard app for android.

This app make your smartphone into a powerful control console for the other device. You can download this app without spending a single penny from Play Store.



Here above we share with you best keyboard apps for android, you can choose these one of these apps to make your favorite keyboard app. If you didn’t find your app in list, then share with us your required app we will dig up that app for you.

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