KFC Operator rolling out Face-Recognition Payments System in China

The KFC operator in china city of Hangzhou introduces a unique way to pay for the food you buy. You can pay with just a single smile.

Yeah! its facial recognition payment system, they named it as “Smile to Pay”. The “Smile to Pay” system will enable customers to pay for food without taking out their credit cards from the pocket after you order on facial recognition device.

It is driven by Yum China group, the company that spun away out of the US parent Yum this past calendar year, will be hoping to market up increase from the planet’s next largest market, wherever food security loopholes and shifting customer tastes have significantly sales considering that 2012.

Yum is the greatest fast food chain in the current market, the company has in excess of 7,685 retailers.

The “Smile to pay” scan your face and uses your phone to pay your bill, phone is used that no one can cheat the system. The face-recognition device examine the consumer’s face together with the verified image in the Alipay account.

The company named as Ant Financial which is behind this face-recognition payment system. And they said, this is the first payment app of technology worldwide.



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