Luminati Review: Proxy Service for Businesses and P2P Networks

The Luminati proxy network can be used in almost all countries and cities in the world as it has a very high Geo distribution. Luminati works with a faster speed, which is faster than other proxy solution, as they are provided with load balancing servers, whenever a request is made. The inbuilt rotation manager allows for customization of its IP rotation. The API offered by Luminati, can be used by many programming languages.
Some of the main features of Luminati are its rotating residential IPs. They can switch between residential and static IPs. You can use it for unlimited concurrent sessions that give better performance. The users can choose from the millions of IPs provided with Luminati. It comes with a very low failure rate and has been successfully used by its clients.
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What is Luminati?

Benefits of Luminati to its Users

  • Luminati helps the companies to maintain their trade mark, make use of proper pricing strategy and protect the brand and its Intellectual property and can be used on a daily basis.
  • Users can test their web properties from any part of the world.
  • Helps in protecting all mobile and web devices and in protecting online assets.
  • Business can understand their customers better and understand the services preferred from them.
  • It helps in connecting the job seekers to good employers more effectively and quickly.
  • It helps to eliminate unwanted advertisements and backlinks. It also helps in verification of ad integrity through its residential IPs.
  • Its sticky IP keeps sessions alive, through the same IP. You get a ping for every minute automatically.
  • It routes all SOCKS5 requests.
  • A pre-established pool is maintained to add more number of IPs at a faster speed.
  • It helps to save on crawling history and statistics.

Working of Luminati

The Luminati is assisted by a huge residential IP network. When you connect to their proxy gateway, the Luminati specifies the geo location by which it can exit and does not get connected directly with the required website.
If you want to create a connection to look as it is made from London, you have many exit nodes available in London. It selects a random node at London and directs your traffic to one of them.
Another feature is the rotating IP, If you do not require the same IP address, the rotating IPs keep rotating the IPs as there are many options from which the choice is made. You can also configure the automatic functioning of the rotating IP address, depending on the requests made or on the amount of time taken.


  • Luminati is much slower in speed than the other top premium dedicated proxies.
  • Luminati cannot hold on to the same IP for longer durations, as it is programmed that way.
  • The cost factor is also a constraint, but it provides security that is much better than all other proxies.

In all it can be said that Luminati can be relied upon for providing millions of IP addresses. Luminati proxy review states that they provide multiple super proxies with free users and for paid users making use of Luminati services, on a daily basis through the internet. The problems connected with the system have been removed and improved upon to give a better user experience. Luminati provides an API for its users, by which it can be used for heavy automated, scalable applications too, that requires large quantity of residential IPs.

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