Download Master Royale: Clash Royale Private Server 2018

This century has revolutionary change in video gaming industry. Many people have different taste of games. Some likes puzzle, some likes action adventure games and some likes strategy games. When it comes to strategy games, Clash Royale is one of the best game. But some freebies can’t enjoy all resources all the time. They can’t buy resources. So, some genius people has developed a clash royale private server called Master Royale.

What is Master Royale?

Master Royale is private server of super hit game Clash Royale developed by developers of Clash of Clans. To enjoy free resources of this game, few gamer developed a high-performance server which can help to get unlimited resources.

Why We Use Master Royale?

If you want to play like a pro who has all resource in huge amount. Yes! You can get unlimited gems, unlimited golds, unlimited troops and unlimited elixir. When You start you game, you are awarded with millions of these resources. If you are familiar with master royale, you can understand that it helps gamer to unlock your cards.

Master Royale is similar as like clash royale game. But it is not official server by Supercel. But it is a fan made private server to enjoy game free of cost. Developers of these servers are working hard to make it more feasible master royale. They have spent a lot of money by buying dedicated servers for high performance. Master Royale is one of most powerful private servers.

Whenever you come to our site to download master royale apk, you’ll get always an updated version of master royale. As you know you need unlocked cards for beating your opponent. You will get unlocked your cards and you can upgrade it to maximum level in this private server. Enjoy no limitation of time and other resources.

For more joy, keep your master royale private server always updated. Whenever your clash royale private server outdated, come and download new version of master royale apk.

There are five master royale cards that are unlocked in this private server. To unlock these cards, you must have huge amount of gold, gems and elixir. As we know, at the start of game we are awarded 1 million of these resources which are enough to unlock cards and upgrade.

Master Royale Cards:

Here I am going to describe list of cards, there functions and requirements.

  • Pure Royale card is used to build buildings and to build barbarians. This is very basic card everyone can unlock it and enjoy its features.
  • Another master royale card is Skeleton Barrel. This has most amazing features. You can destroy enemy’s towers and unlock builders’ workshops. To unlock this, you have to pay 3 elixirs. But you have not to worry about elixirs because you will have unlimited elixirs.
  • Mega Knight card have many characters like Nasty Frosty, Mega Knights and Magic Pekka etc. After pure royale, this card is also easy to unlock and very basic.
  • Flying machine card has most amazing features. This card assures how strong yours defend line is. This card is not free but in master royale private server, you can get it with paying 3 elixirs. Please note that you will have a lot of elixirs.
  • It is most favorite card of all Royale lovers because of its features. Its also more expensive than others. But this is not a big deal for us. Because we can buy anything in this server.

Download Master Royale Apk

Master Royale apk is almost free of cost. Developer said that it’ll be always free of cost. Master Royale server is better that other servers due to high bandwidth and reliability. Almost there is 100% up time of this amazing private server.

Master Royale S1

Have you ever experienced best strategy game with unlimited resources? No? What are you waiting for?. Download master royale s1 and enjoy free golds, gems, elixirs and unlocked cards.

Master Royale S2

In other servers like clash of lights and magic, problem may occur while playing with friends. But master royale s2 run very smooth due to its high bandwidth and high-performance.

Master Royale S3

Master Royale s3 is another version of clash royale private server. This server is combination of both master royale servers mentioned above. You can enjoy feature of both in one place. Download now master royale s3.

Here is our guide to install this server.


This server is developed by Master Royale. This is not official by supercel. Geeklisto is not responsible of any misuse of this server.

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