Mmm Fingers Android Game: Protect Your Fingers From The Hungry Monsters

Mmm Fingers android game may be a easy one-finger dodge-em-up wherever your digits square measure the star of the show. you would like to weave a path through cute cartoon spike-monsters, and your solely goal is obtaining farther than you probably did before.
It might not be as sharp as different samples of the genre, however it’s got enough going for it that you’re going to end up obtaining sucked in time and time once more.
There square measure a couple of problems with the controls that tend to sully the expertise, however the bite-sized nature of the sport means you are not annoyed for terribly long.

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You push a finger on the screen to start out. carry it up for too long and you may get chomped. The screen moves mechanically, and you would like to push your digit around to avoid the patterns of monsters standing in your method.
Deaths square measure marked with smears of gore, and therefore the distance you have traveled flashes up at explicit milestones. Your previous score and your high score square measure marked moreover.
There square measure varied patterns to do and build your method through, and learning the way to slide through unharmed is an element of the fun. every run is generated at random, thus you would like to get on the ball if you wish to succeed.


It’s honest to mention that Mmm Fingers may be a baby note. once you have vie through a dozen close to times you have just about seen everything the sport has got to supply.
Yes it gets quicker, affirmative the obstacles get that bit harder, however the weave-y game-play remains an equivalent. And if it does not bite timely then it’s unlikely you are going to stay with it for the end of the day.
But if you are looking for one thing easy and difficult, there is a heap to love here. It in all probability will not hold an area on your phone or pill for quite a few of weeks, however it’s still well price a glance.

Game description:

Mmm fingers – bit the screen and keep your finger on the screen for as long as you’ll be able to avoiding hungry monsters. do not let the monsters bit your finger! Show your reaction speed during this humanoid game. Your finger is moving on the screen. Monsters of various species square measure perpetually showing on the screen. However all of them square measure terribly hungry and have plenty of sharp teeth and claws. Move your finger across the screen to induce aloof from the monsters. you cannot leaving behind of the screen, or the sport can finish. attempt to run aloof from monsters for as long as attainable.

Game features:

•    Colorful graphics
•    Simple controls
•    Different achievements
•    Leader boards
•    Absorbing game-play

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