7 Great Mobile App Builder Platforms, Build Own App with No coding knowledge

App builder provide a finer and easiest way to build your own app for mobile platform without any type of coding knowledge.

Its something like to easily build a mobile website.

Contrast this, It is very hard to learn Android Apps development for the non technical or for the persons who totally remain untouched from programming field in past.

But many people want to have their own app for different purposes – And especially for business.

They wish to have their own app which they designed and developed by themselves.

But they don’t know how to build or develop an app.

To complete their wish they spend a lot of money and time on short courses and online paid/free tutorials to learn app development.

But only 20% of people gain advantages of these courses.

And 60% of people give up this field.

Other 20% people contact with application developers and order their own app to develop.

For this purpose they waste a lot money.

I didn’t say all these kind of courses and tutorials are trash.

These courses are very informative.

But as a developer I personally didn’t suggest you these kind of ideas if you want to code your app without any hard work.

These short courses I only recommend to those who really want to choose this field as their profession.

But this isn’t mean that you can’t have your own app.

Off course you can have.

With every day new and great developments in programming field made this possible for you.

If you are a good designer and organizer then you can easily build your own app with just a little investment.

And without any deep knowledge about programming.

There are number of mobile app building platforms.

These platforms let you not only build android and but you can also create an app that supports all mobile platforms.

Best Mobile App Building Platforms

With the help of these platforms you can easily build your own cell phone app for your mobile device in your way.

Just you have to drag and drops things to build your app.

These platforms can be free app builders or paid.

Let check how these platforms works.

And find your favourite and start building your App.


Appypie is at first in my list – it is an online DIY easy app builder platform that allow any person to build its own mobile application using different but easy steps.

As I mentioned above that It doesn’t required any development knowledge.

But you have to be good in your designing skills.

Because if you aren’t a good designer you can’t create something that attracts the people.

appypie app builder image

Appy Pie is very easy and straight forward way to build your own app,Its just a drag and drop game and thats it.

Once you created your App on Appy Pie you own an HTML-5 based hybrid app that can be run on any kind of mobile platform.

It isn’t time consuming, You can have your Android App within minutes.

Appy Pie is a most featured app building platform that allow you to publish your app on all mobile company’s app store and send push notification.

And if you create your app to earn money then you can easily monetize with ads.

This platform offered you to build app for free to 33$/mon and it depends on you what plan you chose.


Mobincube is the best web based app creating tool that offers to build compelling mobile apps for the people who eagerly want to create their app.

Monincude isn’t very complex.

You can create app easily for your business or for others purposes in an effective way.

Mobincube offers huge flexibility and the best functionality to build your own Android app.

mobincube image

You can also create any App that is compatible with any mobile platform whether it is Android base system, window based, BlackBerry, IOS or any other.

With Mobincube you can publish your apps on Google Play Store, Apple’s Apps Store and on Microsoft Phone Store.

You can create an Android App or any other mobile App on Mobincube for free.

You can also upgrade to their premium service by choosing their different plans Home, Standard, Freelancer, Agency.

It costs from 2.99$/mon to 99.99$/mon depends what plan you chose.


Appery.io is also a cloud-based app builder platform to build responsive apps rapidly.

As other platforms the app built on Appery.io runs on all mobile platforms.

Its amazingly a great platform to build an Android app because its components that help in building UI are really good.

appery image

If you want to store Its cloud-database and backend service provides instant storage for your app to store data from users.

Its push notification service improves relationship between you and your customers.

Appery.io provides you very useful plug-ins that boost up the functionality of your app.

This app builder platform also allow you to create your own customised plug-ins.

It is really a complete platform to build an app.

This platform is free to use but its premium service costs up to 180$.


iBuildApp is a huge app building platform with 1355854 apps already created on it.

It made it very simple to create Android App, host and manage it.

iBuildApp provide an opportunity to businesses to have their own app in a quick way.

This app builder platform offering different widgets for twitter,Facebook, RSS, audio,video and some other.

ibuildapp image

iBuildApp also provide a platform to developers and graphic designers to sell their own coded modules and mobile templates on iBuildApp.

With its powerful feature you can promote your app on social networks and websites.

Its Analytics show your app’s performance and push notifications provide a way to reach your customers.

And you can also generate revenue by showing ads to your created app.

If you want to have your app with iBUildApp you have pay 9.99$/mon.


Appmakr is a DIY mobile app building platform that let you to build your own app for your Android and iPhone andHTML5.

This platform already managing two millions of apps that are created on it.

This is really an appreciable achievement.

appmaker image

This platform provide a great opportunity to small business holders to spread out their business through mobile platform.

Appmakr is a feature enriched app builder offers different wonderful features like real time analytics of your apps performance, messaging service,

conversion with users, video and image facility and playing podcasts with its fast and accurate performance.

Appmakr is free to use platform but you can also use its paid plans cots from 1$/mon to 9$/mon.


Como is a world’s leading mobile app solution let you to create unique apps for you shop or any other business.

With its beautiful and luxurious template designs are amazing to create a loyalty app that increase your customers.

This will be a great thing for you to boost your sale with mobile app service.

como image

Creating an app on Como you just going to enjoying its traffic boosting features for your business.

Its tools and feature that will helpful for you are loyalty cards, as in others push notification,

mobile store, delivery tool and many others.

Como is especially developed to build loyalty apps for your business to grow sales.

7-Good Barber

Good Barber is an interesting platform for the people who like create colourful app.

This platform not only allow you to build a beautiful app but also allow you to control your app without any programming knowledge.

good barber image

50 beautifully designed app’s template to show your talent to world with Good Barber.

You can also customize these templates according to your flavour.

Create app on Good barber with their huge free gallery of professional photos.

After creating your app on this platform you can link your app to your website.

Like others this app building platform is also featured enriched.

Good Barber allow you to add photos,sounds,video and many other things to make your app interesting for users

And you can also allow users to upload their own videos, photos and files.

This is not free to use, To use this you have to pay minimum 16$/mon to 32$/mon.

After Reviewing These Mobiles Apps Platforms

I hope, you completely reviewed these great easy mobile app creators.If you do no like these app building platforms share with us your reviews and also share platform that you like.

Please do not forget to comment and share your ideas with us.

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