Verizon releases the Marshmallow update to Motorola Droid Maxx 2

Nowadays only having a premium range smartphone will not do, you need the latest software to utilize your device’s full potential.

Understanding the need of the hour, the smartphone makers are consistently rolling out new software updates to their handsets to give their users the best experience.Even the various carriers have taken it upon themselves to release timely software upgrade to their devices.

Curtsy of Verizon Mobiles, the Motorola Droid Maxx 2 has received the sweet Marshmallow OS. While many of you may know what this Marshmallow upgrade features, we would like to list some of the key change-log for Droid Maxx 2 that is sure to bring greater functionality to your phone.

1. Now on Tap

This feature can be activated by tapping and pressing down the home button. It will read all the content available of the various pages of your device and display the related information on your current screen saving you time.

2. Doze mode

The Doze Mode is a smart battery management feature that ends the wasteful background applications when the phone is idle and puts it to sleep. This helps to conserve the battery power for important tasks.

3. App permissions

With the help of App permissions, you gain more control over what information you wish to share with different apps. You can specifically choose apps which should have access to your microphone or camera.

4. App Standby

This feature of Marshmallow recognizes a pattern in your usage and puts the less frequently used apps in a state of dormancy thereby reducing the burden on RAM and battery.

5. App links

With Android Marshmallow, you need not tell the OS repeatedly to open certain links with specific apps. You can choose an option from Open in this app, Ask every time or Don’t open this app.

6. Expandable storage

You can expect a complete micro-SD support that was missing in KitKat. In this new software update you can decide whether you want to use your SD card as an internal storage or portable storage.

7. Do not disturb

The addition of Do not Disturb feature lets you prioritize events and apps. You can choose from Priority only, Alarms only or Total silence depending on your need. You can furthermore add specific apps to Priority only to receive notifications from them only.

8. Volume controls

The volume controls too receive an enhancement and can be controlled in a concise and innovative way. To adjust the ringtone volume you need to just press down on the side volume key and tap the down arrow in the volume marker to adjust the alarm or media volume.

9. Direct share

With Direct Share you can now quickly and easily share files and media with a contact or in a chat within an app. When you tap the share icon you will be prompted to share the media with a list of contacts alongside the app icons they are present on. Just select the one of your choice and click send.

10. Moto Display and Ambient display

Ambient display has been reinvented as Moto Display for all the Moto users. You can open this feature by tapping on the Moto app, selecting the top right hand corner icon, choose Display and then tap the switch to launch it.

11. Moto Assist

Moto Assist brings greater functionality to Marshmallow with its Do not Disturb and Driving and Places feature. They keep you from distraction while at a meeting or when you are driving and need voice directions.

Wrap Up:

So you see what a little bit of Marshmallow can do to your device. If you have been looking forward to buy the Droid Maxx 2 but hesitating due to its old Lollipop software, now is your chance. With great specs and the best OS yet it is definitely a worthy buy.

However, if you are already using the Droid Maxx 2, share your experience with the new Marshmallow update in the comments section below.

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