Nickelblock app: A Dream or Nightmare App for Your Ex?

One of the most difficult things for almost everyone is usually getting over an Ex. We have Nickelblock app for specific purpose. These are the people we shared our lives with and had so much fun together before things went haywire and forced us to go separate ways. The first few weeks of a breakup are very traumatizing, and it is during this period that getting back together is still an option. However, in some cases, the wrong committed is so serious and non-forgivable. In such a case, one needs to stay away from the offender as much as possible to avoid the temptation of getting back together.

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Relationship experts have realized that most people misbehave more whenever they are given a second chance to the person they offended. They tend to take things lightly assuming they will still beg for forgiveness and get it.

  • As hard as it may be, the best way to handle an Ex is blocking all communication with them. This includes not picking their calls and not calling them, not stalking their Facebook profiles or Twitter or any other social media. It is always very tempting to want to know how they are doing, and whether they are going down.
  • In the process, you get more disappointed because you realize you are grieving while they are out on holiday with their new found love. Psychologists say that in these grieving periods, no one would want their former partner to know they are emotionally down. They, therefore, tend to feign good moments and upload on social media with an assumption that you will be stalking them, and they are right.
  • Most people who have been here before will agree that letting go is never easy. According to technology news, deleting the person’s number from your phone book might take a lifetime. You keep telling yourself that you might need to call them up and let them know how well you are doing, but this never happens because most people end up calling and begging for makeup.
  • Unfriending or unfollowing them on social media is also next to impossible as people lie to themselves that they need to know of their whereabouts and celebrate when they are going down. The truth is, all these are fallacies and the best way to handle an ex is to get rid of them and all their memories that are if you want to move on.
  • The people behind the development of this app who are believed to be comedians are yet to release the real thing. For most people who are suffering by being hurt broken by the same person over and over again, this is a dream app. It might not apply to wearable technology, but still it is a great invention.
  • So many people are anticipating for its release such that the developers are getting pressure to work faster. In a demo, it shows a lady who has been dumped recently by her boyfriend and is unable to move on because she keeps checking out his photos and hurting even more as a result.
  • After being introduced to this dream app, she manages to control herself and gets over within a short period. Just like a drug addict trying to clean up their system, the first few days are the most difficult, but with persistence, they eventually get the desired results.
  • The great minds behind the this nightmare app had this problem in mind when they were developing the App. This is an interesting app that will help you fully recover from a breakup and not even feel attracted to your ex-partner when you bump into him on the streets. This sounds like some magic to many people and yes it is.
  • This invention was made to play Nickelback songs whenever you try to contact your ex or visit his social media profiles.
  • This works more or less as an antidote to a recovering drug addict. Regular use of the app will reduce the dependency you most likely developed towards your partner while you were dating. The Nickleback photo that appears alongside the songs causes discomfort and over time, it becomes an irritation to an extent that it makes you stop stalking that particular social media account.

Relationship experts have found out that ladies hurt immediately after a breakup while the guys are in celebratory mood. The vice versa happens after a while since the ladies heal while the guys begin their grieving. Nickelblock app is therefore recommended for ladies since the period preceding a breakup is the most fragile and can lead to desperation. This new technology will significantly reduce the grieving period and also reduce the chances of rebuilding a relationship out of desperation. Such second chance relationships rarely work and eventually lead to even more serious heartbreaks. These relationship cycles are dangerous because they slow down productivity and eventually lead to numbness of the heart.

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