Concise Oxford Thesaurus Android App: Improve Your Word Power

This Concise Oxford Thesaurus android app is good for serving to you pinpoint precisely the right word, whether or not you’re writing a letter, making ready a report, composing associate essay, writing creatively, or determination a crossword puzzle. Over 300,000 different words cowl everyday vocabulary additionally as more unusual and specialist words, and there’s clear labeling of informal, dialect, literary, and technical things. Different helpful options embrace thousands of example phrases serving to you to pick the proper word, and opposites and connected terms clearly marked.

Concise Oxford Thesaurus for Android

Improve Your Word Power with Thesaurus Android App:


  • * A comprehensive Concise Oxford Thesaurus with over 300,000 synonyms and antonyms, ideal to be used in word games and puzzles, to enhance your writing or to seek out the word on the tip of your tongue.
  • * simple A-Z format
  • * Usage notes, providing facilitate with tough and polemical queries
  • * Ideal for word games
  • * Most helpful different words given 1st, with word nighest in desiring to signifies given in daring
  • *Thousands of example sentences assist you choose the proper sense
  • * 500+ connected word notes e.g. search ‘horse’ and realize the adjective ‘equine’, search ‘light’ and realize ‘optics’

A Search Tool:

This best dictionary and thesaurus android app featuring search auto complete to assist you discover words quickly by displaying predictions kind of like the terms you are typewriting. You furthermore might get increased search extras including.
thesaurus android app image1

  • * a fast search of words whereas you kind.
  • * A ‘fuzzy filter’ once you aren’t positive of the proper orthography of a word.
  • * A ‘keyword’ hunt for finding key words inside compound words.
  • * A wild card search perform (*) which may replace a letter or entire elements of a word.
  • * transfer wordbook definitions domestically for offline word search.

Learning Tool:

This best thesaurus app including variety of options that assist you any enhance your vocabulary.
thesaurus android app image

  • * A ‘Favorites’ feature to make custom folders with lists of words from the intensive library, together with cross-curriculum words.
  • * History list to assist you simply review looked-up words.
  • * Discover additional regarding language with the special language notes.
  • * See words in context with example sentences.
  • * ‘Word-of-the-day’ feature with home screen gadget.

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