Geeklisto is a tech related website (‘site’), providing tech information and solution to the problems users face in their daily life while using software, apps and tech products. The articles published on the Geeklisto assist our users in finding best apps, games, gadgets and other technology products. Here, we categorize the site in different fields like apps, games, guide and more, to help out our users in related fields. You can see a few examples are our posted articles.
Here, we are going to offer a student scholarship under our Geeklisto Marketing Scholarship Program. The students who can avail this scholarship are both Undergraduate and Postgraduate.
You know getting scholarship isn’t as easy, so to win this scholarship you have to produce quality contents on a given keyword [Terms and conditions given below] and then send it to us. We’ll analyze these articles, pick the best one from all the articles we’ve received and that’ll be our winner. Students of any department qualifies for the scholarship, however the students of following department may be interested: Information Technology, Computer Sciences.

Eligibility Criteria

Participant must be currently enrolled in College, University or High Schools and taking its classes regularly under any of its department.
Before writing the article please one thing bear in your mind that the article must be unique and creative. And briefly explain the topic under discussion, logically correct and have power to convince its reader.
The article you are going to submit must be your’s own written.

General Terms and Conditions

To participate in this scholarship the only thing you have to do is to search, think and write 1000+ words on “Artificial Intelligence” topic. Please do the deep research on the topic that you can produce quality content.
The article must explain these

  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • How Artificial Intelligence changing our lives
  • Its Applications [any of three currently running]
  • And its pros and cons

You can use graphics within you article.
Provide references
The student who perform best job will be rewarded with $1000 prize, you can use this prize to buy course books and other things.

How to Submit Application

  • First you’ve to write 1000+ words article on the above mentioned topic.
  • Then, submit this article on in .doc, .docx or .pdf format.
  • The email must be included the following information
    • Your personal information (Full Name, Address, Phone)
    • College or University name (Website link and scholarship page reference our your site if possible)
    • Your department of Study
    • Proof that you are a student of the University/College you specified

By submitting your content, you are giving us the authority to use your content either for promotional or marketing purpose.

Last Date of Submission

The last date of the submission is November 25th, and on the December 15th we’ll announce our winner and send the $1000 check to winner’s University or College.
The $1,000 scholarship reward will be post directly to your college or university.
We offer this scholarship on annual basis.