How to share purchased apps on Google Play with your friends and family

Google engage in app store will not allow you to share the purchased apps to some body else. But there’s an simple method to fairly share purchased apps together with buddies and family. This usually means , when you yourself have got an intriguing game/application and you also  want that your buddies, family or any other  also have this app, however nevertheless, it can’t be probable before you/your close friend might need to buy this application all-over again. But there’s a simple approach to bypass such limits.




How to Share purchased apps to other

Since you understand that, all buys you might have left on Google are rigorously restricted to your account. In order to install the application someone other’s mobile, that you’ve already installed and purchased onto your own device. You has to insert your existing accounts on his smart-phone or device. It isn’t hard to do.

  1. Very first open up setting on the smartphone, where you want to share apps
  2. Subsequently go to “Account”
  3. That underneath the set of existing google accounts there is a button with name “Insert Account”. Click onto it and after that click the upcoming open display to add the
    Google account
  4. Provide your account information to login to account. As the outcome, smart-phone is likely to be second accounts with Google, and also all of the application related to this account can be installed on gadget without any cost.

Just for now, you’ve got to install the game/application (already purchased on the other device) into a your device. For this ,  go to Google Play Store Account then in the left pane switch to merge newly added account to your account.

After achieving so, select the thing “My Programs” from the same panel and then install all of the readily available games/application. As an account security you may delete your own accounts, however all related software no longer can have updates. If its own family device and also you trust about this, and you definitely may leave your accounts with this particular smartphone or device and utilize same android programs together. But the very optimal way to the issue is distinct family accounts that can be used on all device related to family.

I thing this is really superb idea to use purchased apps on other devices. And what you think about ?


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