Teleport – photo editor: instantly change hair color and selfie background

The application on the basis of neural networks magically transforms the blonde into a brunette and moves from a tiny room to a tropical island.

Teleport works very simply. First, you just have to take a SELFI or choose a photo from the gallery. Immediately after that, all editing options will be available in the app.

Teleport – photo editor App for android and iOS

The application has three main feature works on the basis of artificial intelligence: change hair color, changing the background and blurring the background.


The first feature possibility works  the same as in Fabby. For hair, you can choose one of 20 colors. There are standard, red and blond, but there is a possibility to choose something unusual, for example ginger or green. You can also create a collages.


The second function in the app is, it can easily change background of the image. In the database there are standard pictures with famous places such as the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower for example, a paradise island. But you can easily choose your own photo.


The name of the function “Background blur” speaks for itself. With the help this feature, you can make a greater emphasis on your face – such a portrait mode with the iPhone, only much easier.


The finished image can be quickly published in Instagram or Facebook, and sent to friends through any social network or messenger. It is possible to save the photo to your phone.

Wrap Up

Teleport is available on iOS and Android for free. The application processes photos in just a few seconds. True, the ability to change the color of hair and the background for one sitting is not yet. But in the future it may well appear.

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