Time2 Tablet Review with 6 Hidden Features

Time2 android tablets are small, slim, and slick pieces of pure goodness and wonder. Here is time2 tablet review contains powerful technologies with myriad of features, applications, and tricks. In the midst of all these perks, we often miss out on the most critical, entertaining, and useful features. Here are some of the hidden features we believe are worth uncovering.

Time2 Tablet Review

Google Maps Is Always There For You

Let’s start with something a bit simpler. We all know how to use Google Maps and where to find it. However, did you know that you could use Google Maps without Wi-Fi or data? Yes, Google Maps is available when offline, and if you are not confident in this, you can even download your desired map(s) to explore later. All you have to do is go toSearch and then Make this map area available offline. Now, you can travel in confidence, wherever you go.

The Easter Egg To Keep You Entertained

time2 tablet review
You all know that Google loves to keep us all entertained. Almost all Android updates had an entertaining factor. Lollipop has topped all the updates by housing an entire, full game. Go to Settings, then About Phone, tap on Android versions 4 times to unlock the Easter Egg game. Then tap on the lollipop image a few times and long-press it to open. Happy entertainment, and happy gaming!

Magnification Is King

You will find the magnification gesture feature in the Accessibility settings. Now you will be able to triple tap to zoom in and out, pan and pinch to adjust the zoom scale, or magnify an image by triple tapping and long-pressing. If you have kids, this feature may even reduce their damage, to an extent anyway.

Screen Recording Has Its Perks

time2 tablet review
Show off your gaming skills by recording yourself play the game on your Android Tablet. Need to send instruction on how to fix a problem on an Android? Now you can record your actions and send a clear step-by-step guide without external devices or hassle. Of course, in this case, you will have to obtain the app from the Play Store, but seeing as this is our Team’s favourite and most used feature – I may be exaggerating here a bit, – we thought its worth including in this list.

Animations No More!

Tired of all the animations? Fear no more, you can now disable or speed up the animations by merely changing the animation scale, duration scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale options. Now switch between apps instantly and enjoy all the speed of your Android.

Faster Transfers With Wi-Fi Direct

time2 tablet review image3
We all know we can hold two NFC-enabled devices together and transfer a file using a Bluetooth link. It’s a bit like watching magic happen, slow magic happen. But, did you know that most Android devices also house Wi-Fi Direct?  Wi-Fi Direct creates a connection between two devices using Wi-Fi. All you need is an app (SuperBeam is an option) to enable this magic, upload the file to the app, and tap phones. It’s super fast.

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