Zedge Android App: Monitor for Your Device

Zedge android app may be a mobile content discovery platform and community wherever users will transfer content to customize their smartphones and alternative mobile devices. This android app monitor includes wallpapers, ringtones, alert tones, and games on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.
It has over a hundred million users on Android and iOS. The app uses a recommendation engine that analyzes anonymized user knowledge so as to make sensible suggestions for wallpaper, ringtone, and game downloads.
ZEDGE was named united of Time’s Best 50 Android Apps of 2013.
It is associate Android customization app that allows you to modification everything from your notification sounds to wallpapers. If you wish to form your Android phone actually desire your own, offer Zedge a strive.

Customize everything:

One of the good options concerning Android is that you simply will customize regarding something. You’ll be able to modification the planning and feel of your device exploitation custom launchers like “GO Launcher” or “Nova Launcher”.
Zedge allows you to take the customizations additional with downloadable ringtones, notifications, wallpapers and a lot of. Whereas you’ll simply hunt these customizations on numerous websites, makes it simple to induce all them them in once place.
Zedge android app monitor image
The app will assist you select with curated lists referred to as “Featured”. You’ll be able to conjointly browse by quality, recent or by class. If you discover one thing you wish, you’ll be able to transfer it in real time or add it to your favorites to download later.


You can conjointly transfer games from it. Well, you’ll be able to browse games and tap on links that take you to the Google Play store. Whereas it’s nice to be able to investigate games within the app, it does not supply something over simply browsing for games in Google Play. In fact, Google Play’s curated lists are literally a lot of compelling than the games lists in Zedge.

Download ready to go:

 Wallpapers, sounds and games area unit either bestowed as an inventory or fingernail grid. Sound on a ringtone or wallpaper can allow you to play or read the content. From this screen you’ll be able to set the customization, rate it or favorite it for later. You can set your customizations either from it or access it from Android’s menu system once within the settings. Wallpapers will be downloaded to your phone and ringtones will be managed by Zedge.
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The most annoying part of the app is that the full screen ads. The app already includes banner ads at the lowest of the page however it will appear a page ad once. This caused Pine Tree State to accidentally tap on a poster repeatedly, that is clearly what the developers need.

Tons of content:

If you do not mind the inordinateness of ads, Zedge may be a nice app to transfer custom-built sounds, ringtones and wallpapers for your mechanical man phone. In all, it is a nice one-stop-shop for your customizations. It does not supply custom icon packs for your launcher, however you will be able to realize those among your launcher app or in Google Play.
Clicking the ‘Free Download’ button can take you to a page on the Google Play Store wherever you’ll be able to transfer the app.


• Tons of customizations
• Save with Favorites feature
• Good search feature
• Easy to line


• Intrusive ads
• No icon packs
• Lots of duplicate content



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